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Guitar Mongoloid

International title Guitar Mongoloid
Section 47 edición - Post Burlesque
Country Suecia
Year 2004
Running time 85
Director Ruben Östlund
Screenplay Ruben Östlund
Film Editing Harry Lewinsson
Photography Tibor Gent
Music Bjorn Olsson
Production Anna Sohlman, Kalle Boman
Production design Valeria Balogh
Cast Erik Rutstrom, Ola Sandstig, Britt-Marie Andersson, Julia Persdotter

Triangle Art Film Production AB

Distribution Company

Swedish Film Institute


A work of great visual stylization, constructed almost entirely of steady shots in which the characters play out autonomous vignettes which occasionally (but not always) converge: a woman shows clear symptoms of nervous stress as she obsessively checks that the door of her flat has been properly closed; a child runs about the roof top of a block of flats, intent on interfering with the neighbours’ television reception; two dangerous looking bikers worry about insignificant scratches on their beloved vehicles; a group of young people kill time by attacking the solitary cyclists who cross their paths…