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International title L'insurgée
Section 47 edición - Rellumes
Country Francia
Year 2009
Running time 100
Director Laurent Perreau
Screenplay Laurent Perreau, Juliette Soubrier
Film Editing Muriel Breton
Photography Céline Bozon
Music Grégorie Hetzel, Julien Gester, Olivier Gonord
Art direction Sophie Reynaud-Malouf
Production Nicolas Mauvernay, Jacques Perrin
Cast Michek Piccoli, Pauline Etienne, Eric Caravaca, Marie Kremer, clément roussier, Johanna Ter Steege

Galatée Films

Distribution Company Films Distribution

Claire is a young 17- year-old orphan who lives with Maurice, an old composer and former member of the resistance. Strange as it may seem, they are in fact, granddaughter and grandfather; two very different generations forced, by chance, to live under the same roof. Clare constantly avoids running into her grandfather, hiding in the nooks and crannies of the big old house, immersed in her swimming competitions and her adolescent problems, rebelling against anything that might stop her living her life the way she wants to. The two characters are very different, and yet they bear some resemblances. They are rebels in their own ways, only that one of them lives with the ghosts of the past that haunt a man at the end of his path, and the other lives the impatience of one who has hardly begun her journey.

Director bio

Laurent Perreau began his career as a filmmaker and editorial director on Canapé, a New York television magazine programme. In 2000 he made his first short film, Quand j'étais photographe, for which he won the Best Script Prize at the Clermont Ferrand Festival. In 2001 he worked as an assistant director and directed the series Le temps d'un tournage for French television. Histoire naturelle (2003), his second short film, won the Jury Grand Prix at the Angers Festival. In 2005 he co-scripted Eric Caravaca’s first feature Le passager and with Alexis Charrier co-wrote the script for Le cirque which is currently in development with Boa Films. L'insurgée is his first feature film.