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Can Go Through Skin

Kan door huld heen
International title Can go through skin
Section 47 edición - Rellumes
Country Holanda
Year 2008
Running time 94
Director Esther Rots
Screenplay Esther Ros
Film Editing Esther Ros
Photography Lennert Hillege
Music dan Geesin
Art direction Vera van de Sand, Marije van der Waard, Tess Ellis
Production Hugo Rots, Esther rots, Trent
Cast Rifka Lodeizen (Marieke), Wim Opbrouck (John), Chris Borowski, Elisabeth van Nimwegwn, Tina de Bruin, Mattijn Hartemink
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Marieke is thirty-something, totally at ease with the frenetic pace of contemporary urban life. However, everything changes suddenly for her after she suffers an act of violence. To get over it she moves from the big city to a sparsely populated rural area in the south-west of Holland. There she meets John, a local man who helps her to do up her new house, and she starts her slow psychological recovery. Nevertheless, her progress is superficial; Marieke finds it impossible to shed the memories of her experience, of her need for revenge and her fear of strangers.

Director bio

She was born in 1972 in Groenlo (Holland). She studied at the Visual Arts Academy in Arnhem. In 1994 she entered the Netherlands Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam, where she currently lives. Along with her brother Hugo, she founded Rots Filmwerk BV, a production company based in the Dutch capital. The company gives her the freedom to make uncompromising films. Her short films Play with Me (2002) and Ik onspruit (2003) were very well-received in Cannes, while her first feature film, Can Go Through Skin (2009) was selected, among others, at the Berlin Film Festival.