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Nikotoko Island

Nikotoko  Tou
International title Nikotoko Island
Section 47 edición - Rellumes
Country Japón
Year 2008
Running time 47
Director Takuya Dairiki, Takashi Miura
Screenplay Takuya Dairiki, Takashi Miura
Photography Takuya Dairiki, Takashi Miura
Music Takuya Dairiki, Keisuke Matsuda
Cast Keisuke Matsuda, Takuya Dairiki, Takashi Miura

Distribution Company

Carte Blanche Film & Video


Three young men set off on a trip with no clear purpose or objective. While on the deck of the ship heading for their destination, they joke and play games while exchanging reflections on life. Once on land, they carry on with their conversations on a wide range of subjects. As they move through a spectacular, deserted landscape, they stop for a look from time to time.

Director bio

Tayuka Dairiki
Takuya Dairiki was born in 1980. He has been interested in moku hanga (Japanese woodblock printing) from a very early age, and received the Special Prize Munakata Shiko at the Aomori Triennale in 2007. He also won the Takei Takeo prize for his work as a children’s book illustrator. Teaming up with his childhood friend Takashi Miura, he has written, edited, directed and acted in medium-length features such as The Seed (2008) and Balloon Forest (2008). Their latest work together, Nikotoko Island, was presented at Locarno 2009.

Takashi Miura
Born in Osaka in 1980, he has worked as a photographer, winning the Yanagi Miwa Jury Prize in the Esquire Digital Photography Competition. His film career runs parallel to that of Takuy Dairiki, with whom he has worked in various medium-length feature films.