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The Three Investigators: The Secret of Terror Castle

Los tres investigadores: El secreto del Castillo del Terror
International title Die Drei Fragezeichen: Das verfluchte Schloss
Section Enfants Terribles - 47 edición
Country Alemania, Sudáfrica
Year 2008
Running time 97
Director Florian Baxmeyer
Screenplay Philip LaZebnik, Aaron Mendelsohn
Film Editing Ueli Christen
Photography Peter Joachim Krause
Music Annette Focks
Production Malte Grunert, Sytze van der Laan
Production design Albrecth Konrad, Sylvain Gingras
Cast Chancellor Miller (Jupiter), Nick Price (Pete), Cameron Monaghan (Bob), James Faulkner (víctor), Annette Kemp

Beta Cinema / Beta Film GmbH

Distribution Company

Antena 3 Films SL


This is a new adventure of Jupiter Jones, Pete Crenshaw and Bob Andrews, better know as the Three Investigators, based on the first book of the children’s series made popular by Robert Arthur in collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock. The three detectives are celebrating Jupiter’s birthday on Rocky Beach when they come across a video cassette of the birthday boy’s parents, whom he had believed to be long dead. The recording also contains clues about a new case, which will lead them to the castle of the inventor Terrill, in northern California, a place rumoured to be under a terrible curse.  On the way they run into Sheriff Hanson and his strange little girl, Caroline.

Director bio

Florian Baxmeyer was born in 1974. He studied Sociology at the University of Cologne and completed the Film Studies Program at the University of Hamburg. His films include: the shorts Pas de deux,  Der Verkaeufer, Benny X, Joker-Zu Fuss, and Die Rote Jacke (2002) which won the Student Academy Award in 2003 and was nominated for the OSCAR for Best Short Film - Live Action 2004, Das Blut der Templer (TV, 2004), Moerderische Elite (TV, 2004), The Three Investigators: The Secret of Skeleton Island (2006), and The Three Investigators in The Secret of Terror Castle (2008)