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The Good Heart

The Good Heart
International title The Good Heart
Section 47 edición - Sección Oficial Largometrajes
Country Islandia, Francia, Dinamarca, Alemania
Year 2009
Running time 95
Director Dagur Kári
Screenplay Dagur Kári
Film Editing Andri Steinn Guðmundsson
Photography Rasmus Videbæk
Music Dagur Kári, Orri Jonsson
Art direction Hálfdan Pedersen
Production Skuli Malmquist, Thor Sigurjonsson
Cast Paul Dano (Lucas), Brian Cox (Jacques), Stephanie Szostak (Sarah), Damian Young (Roddie), Isild Le Besco (April), Clark Middleton (Dimitri)

Zik Zak Filmworks

Nimbus Film/Ex Nihilo/Network Movies/Forensic Films

Distribution Company

Alta Films


Lucas and Jacques meet in hospital. Lucas is a young tramp whose house is a cardboard box by the motorway. He has ended up in hospital after a failed suicide attempt. Grumpy old Jacques, who runs a bar, has been admitted after his umpteenth heart attack. Aware that he has little time left, the old man decides to take the young boy under his wing and teach him the trade and his strict working rules. Among these is a ban on women in the bar. Everything is fine until the day April, an alcoholic airhostess who Lucas wants to help, turns up at the bar. Lucas will have to stand up to his benefactor, a devilish character who is not long on dialogue or mutual understanding, preferring shouting matches and throwing heavy objects.

Director bio

Kári was born in Paris to Icelandic parents and returned to Iceland at the age of three. He graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 1999, with his graduation short movie, Lost Weekend, winning 11 prizes on the international festival circuit. His first full-length picture Nói albínói (Nói (or Noah) the Albino) was released in 2003 and also won several international awards. He followed this with his second film, Voksne mennesker (Dark Horse), in 2005. The Good Heart is his first English language film.