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International title Francesca
Section 47 edición - Sección Oficial Largometrajes
Country Rumania
Year 2009
Running time 97
Director Bobby Paunescu
Screenplay Bobby Paunescu
Film Editing Ioachim Stroe
Photography Andrei Butica
Music Petru Birladeanu, Iulia Olteanu
Production Bobby Paunescu, Cristi Puiu
Production design Mihai Dorobantu
Cast Monica Birladeanu (Monica Dean), Doru Boguta (Mita), Luminita Gheorghiu (Ana), Teo Corban (Ion), Doru Ana (Nasul), Mihai Dorobantu (Remulus), Dan Chiriac (Zana), Ion Sapdaru (Pandele)

Mandragora Movies

Distribution Company

Mandragora Movies


Francesca is a young teacher from Bucharest who wants to immigrate to Italy as soon as she has saved up enough money to set up a kindergarten for Rumanian children. However, preparations for the journey are not easy: to find a job abroad through an agency, gather enough money, get her father’s approval, say goodbye to her friends and most difficult of all, get round her boyfriend and all the dark business he has recently been involved in. Reecent events in Italy hang in the air and provoke unending discussion: Rumanians there are stereotyped as criminals. Wandering through the chaos of the city from dawn until dusk, Francesca finds no peace, not even when she boards the bus that will take her to her destination.

Director bio

Paunescu was born in Bucharest in 1974 and spent his childhood in Italy. He studied International Management and Marketing at Frankling College, Lugano, Switzerland. He has over a decade of experience in written media and television. In 2004 Bobby Paunescu founded Mandragora Movies –a cinema production company- together with the renowned director Cristi Puiu and the producer Anca Puiu. That same year they produced one of the most successful Romanian movies ever –The Death of Mr. Lazarescu- awarded at Cannes Film Festival 2005 with the “Un certain regard” prize. In 2007, Bobby Paunescu studied Filmmaking at USC, School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles. In 2009, he produced Cristi Puiu’s third feature film Aurora. Francesca presents his debut in feature films as director and scriptwriter.