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Lin Kuei "Breaking the Routine"

Lin Kuei "Breaking the Routine"
International title Lin Kuei "Breaking the Routine"
Section No nos cuentes películas ¡Hazlas!
Country España
Year 2008
Running time 16
Director Leticia Noval
Screenplay Wiki Wiki Productions, Leticia Noval
Film Editing Wiki Wiki Productions
Photography Wiki Wiki Productions
Music Kmow Producciones

Wiki Wiki Productions



A documentary about urban dancing on the streets but, more specifically, a close view of the endless hours spent practicing at the rehearsal space. A portrait of the breakdancers’ lifestyle and attitude, and the way they are perceived by society, in which however they also find unforeseen support. This film includes conversation, interviews, conflicts, and setbacks, while all along the protagonists showcase their art, abilities, and specialties, all revolving around body motion