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International title Interkosmos
Year 2006
Running time 71
Director Jim Finn
Screenplay Jim Finn
Music Jim Becker, Colleen Burke

Jim Finn

Distribution Company

Jim Finn


Irritated and humiliated by the arrival of capitalism at the moon, the communist party takes revenge at last in 1970: East Germany launches two spacecrafts (one driven by men and the other one by women) aiming to colonize Saturn and Jupiter. Did this mission really exist or was it just a mere tale of the media devised by the URRSS? It is impossible to answer without having seen this glorious anarchy of archival footage, miniature recreations, graphic history, and evil mummies similar to Erich Honecker masked by numerous musical numbers, a languages and mockery tower of Babel to both sides. “It is as if the Cold war had fallen into an LSD swimming pool” (Ezequiel Schmoller for the BAFICI newspaper).