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Occupation: Dreamland

Occupation: Dreamland
International title Occupation: Dreamland
Year 2005
Running time 78
Director Garrett Scott, Ian Olds
Film Editing Garrett Scott, Ian Olds
Photography Ian Olds

GreenHouse Pictures
83 Garfield Pl #3
Brooklyn NY 11215
Estados Unidos
T. +1 718 768 1460
F. +1 718 230 5310

Subdivision Productions

Distribution Company

Rumur Releasing
Michael Galinsky
T. +1 718 636 0949


The documentary focuses on Alpha soldiers, in charge of special missions in the city of Fallujah, Iraq. The aim is to offer a realistic vision of the occupation in the heart and urgency of the events but matured by observation and the appropriate distance the cinema offers confronted with the logic of the media and their incrusted correspondents. The inlay becomes here coexistence and the biased speech of information is substituted by a specific war phenomenology. All this is evident in his command of uncertainty, the delay in waiting, everyday events and the prevailing confusion. The soldiers´ testimonies put it forward clearly. They doubt, whether their actions make sense and as a consequence, whether the occupation is pertinent. They perceive the distance between them and the population, the difference of interests. Dreamland, the promise of democracy and freedom is just a mere nightmare for the Iraqi population, victims of abuse and shortage