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Human Remains

Human Remains
International title Human Remains
Year 1998
Running time 30
Director Jay Rosenblatt
Screenplay Jay Rosenblatt
Film Editing Jay Rosenblatt
Photography Jay Rosenblatt
Web site

Jay Rosenblatt Films

The Danish Film Institute

Distribution Company

Canyon Cinema
145 9th St., Ste 260
San Francisco, CA 94103
Estados Unidos
T/F. +1 415 626 2255


Two simultaneous but very different lives walk without looking at each other nor getting infected, separated by a dark, unilluminated strip. It is there, in that shadowy frontier, swampy ground, where the intimate and the shared, the secret and the familiar, where Jay Rosenblatt makes his film Human Remains by focusing the intimate lives of dictators of the 20th century, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Fao, Franco. Domestic footage, archival footage, intelligently manipulated by Jay Rosenblatt and the testimony of the protagonists through off-voices that examine the dictators´ favourite food, health problems and everyday habits. And above all the voices, the translator’s voice, who simultaneously translates the dictators. “I had wind problems” states Hitler, “I have a lot of sense of humour” says Stalin or “I was not homosexual” confesses Mao