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Flat is Beautiful

Flat is Beautiful
International title Flat is Beautiful
Year 1998
Running time 50
Director Sadie Benning
Distribution Company

Video Data Bank
112 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60603
Estados Unidos
T. +1 312 345 3550
F. +1 312 541 8073


Just as those classical theatre actors, who went onto the stage with a mask that turned them into dramatis personae in a performance, the main characters of Flat is beautiful carry a paper mask. From the moment she began filming movies with his amateur camera as a teenager, Sadie Benning has used the audio visual as a means to question the roles of sexual identity issued by the media. Benning becomes aware of her lesbianism very early and notices at the same time the rejection it provokes on her surrounding. As an answer, the actress withdraws into herself and begins to build up an audio visual work from the moment she assumes her self with footage of women and men that are an icon to popular audio visual culture