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International title Estómago
Country Brasil, Italia
Year 2007
Running time 100
Director Marcos Jorge
Screenplay Fabrizio Donvito
Film Editing Luca Alverdi
Photography Toca Seabra
Music Giovanni Venosta
Web site

Zencrane Films
Indiana Productions Company

Distribution Company

Alta Films
Cuesta de San Vicente 4 2ª planta
28008 Madrid
T. 34 91 542 27 02
F. 34 91 542 87 77


In the great restaurant of life there are those who eat and those who are eaten. Raimundo Nonato will take the middle road: cooking. After arriving in town with no money, he begins to work at a filthy, decadent bar, where he learns how to prepare coxinhas and other dishes and his talent begins to shine – so much so that he gets the attention of Iria, a prostitute in love with Raimundo’s cooking. Giovanni, the owner of Boccacio, an Italian restaurant in the neighbourhood, hires him in order to bring out his culinary talent. When Raimundo goes to prison this turns into a blessing for his fellow inmates. He fully develops his potential in the jail’s kitchen, producing extremely refined and exotic feasts. Only at the end do we discover his crime – the crime of an ordinary man.