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Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Bigger, Stronger, Faster
International title Bigger, Stronger, Faster
Country Estados Unidos
Year 2008
Running time 105
Director Chris Bell
Screenplay Chris Bell, Alexander Buono
Film Editing Brian Singbiel
Photography Alexander Buono
Music Dave Porter
Web site

Magnolia Pictures

BSF Films

Distribution Company


The United States has turned winning into its raison d’être. Whether in sports, business, or war, winning is the only possible goal, and if the enemy can be crushed in the process, all the better. The subculture of sports performance enhancement by means of chemical substances is a booming industry. Mad Dog and Smelly are two brothers who obsess about the size of their muscles. From a young age, they have turned steroid shots into their daily lives. As a football player and a wrestler, respectively, they have been, and still are, slaves to performance-enhancing substances. Doctors, professional athletes, journalists, and gym addicts ponder this issue

Director bio

Christopher Bell grew up in Poughkeepsie, New York, where his relationship with both filmmaking and bodybuilding began in his teens. After graduating from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts in 1995, Bell wrote, directed, and produced the anti-smoking short film Billy Jones, which screened at the AFI Film Fest and Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, among others, and earned him a best director award at the New Orleans Film Festival. He has also won bench-pressing competitions, including the California State Powerlifting Championship. Bigger, Stronger, Faster is his first documentary feature