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Max & Co.

Max & Co.
International title Max & Co.
Country Suiza, Bélgica, Francia, Reino Unido
Year 2007
Running time 76
Director Sam Guillaume, Fred Guillaume
Screenplay Emmanuel Sallinger, Christine Dory
Film Editing Jacques Comets
Photography Renato Berta
Music Bruno Coulais
Web site

Ciné Manufacture

SAGA Production

Distribution Company

Wild Bunch


The main business in Saint Hilaire is the Bzzz & Co. plant, a monopoly manufacturing fly swats managed by Rodolfo, a rich heir with a playboy reputation. A recent arrival to the town is Max, a young musician looking for his father, whom he has never met. Martin is an evil scientist who has developed an experiment in order to create a mutant fly pest so as to make the demand of fly swats soar. Max and his friend Felicie will set to work and mobilize the town of Saint Hilarie against the dark plans of Bzzz & Co.

Director bio

Frédéric and Samuel Guillaume were born in Fribourg, Switzerland, and they both studied industrial design and cinema at the Lausanne École Cantonale d’Art (ECAL). Together they have directed several advertising spots as well as the short films Les Ailes d’une nuit (1995), Bruissements (1998), Le Petit Manchot qui voulait une glace (1998), Bonne Journée Monsieur M. (1999), L’Autre, c’est Claude (2001) and Une Petite Leçon d’animation (2001). Max & Co. (07) is their first feature film.