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International title Dix
Country Francia
Year 2008
Running time 7
Director BIF
Screenplay BIF
Film Editing Bif, The Mill
Photography Reynald Capurro
Music Raphael Martínez-Bachel (A.k.a. Azël)
Web site

Autour de Minuit Productions
21 Rue Henry Monnier
75009, París
T. 331 42 81 17 28
F. 331 42 81 17 29

The Mill
40-41 Great Marlborough Street
Soho, Londres W1F 7JQ
Reino Unido
T. 44 20 7287 4041
F. 44 20 4041 8393

Distribution Company

Autour de Minuit Productions


Obsessive-compulsive disorder begins in childhood. This is a hellish, three-dimensional tour through the mind of a sick person who must hop rather than walk so as not to step on the cracks in the sidewalk

Director bio

BIF is a collective made up of three Frenchmen (Jules Janaud, Fabrice Le Nezet, and François Roisin), who graduated from the prestigious Supinfocom school of animation. They work at the The Mill audiovisual production studios