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International title Japón
Country México,Alemania,Holanda,España
Year 2002
Running time 127
Director Carlos Reygadas
Screenplay Carlos Reygadas
Film Editing Carlos Serrano Azcona, Daniel Melguizo, David Torres
Photography Diego Martínez Vignatti
Producer NoDream Cinema / Mantarraya Producciones
Distribution Company Golem Distribución
Synopsis Mexico, civilisation, men and their cars and belongings... everything is left behind as the man goes deeper into godforsaken places. He is weary, insignificant, almost a shadow wondering what he is doing in the middle of nowhere. His only answer is that he is there to die. That journey towards suicide resembles that of ronins, those Japanese warriors without a lord to serve, and will be interrupted by occasional encounters with various characters. The most meaningful of those will be with Ascensión, a woman who seems to be as old as the world itself and to possess all its wisdom. She will be the only one who can cast a doubt on the man's compulsive desire to die. The only one capable of instilling some vitality in him through a sexual encounter.