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Silent Light

Luz Silenciosa
International title Silent Light
Country México, Holanda, Francia, Alemania
Year 2007
Running time 127
Director Carlos Reygadas
Screenplay Carlos Reygadas
Film Editing Natalia López
Photography Alexis Zabè
Producer Mantarraya Producciones
Sultepec #47
T. +52 55 52 11 11 65
E. jaime@mantarrayya.
Distribution Company Golem
Avda. Bayona, 52 E
31008 Pamplona
T. 34 948 17 41 41
Synopsis Menonites arrived in America in the 16th century and settled down in small self-sufficient communities well-grounded on their own religious principles, a branch of the Dutch Reformed Lutheran Church. They live the same way their ancestors did and they speak the same language. They are a close-knit, endogamic group, protected from the influence of the outer world and ruled by the strict, unchangeable and immovable principles of the New Testament. Johan and his family are one of the pillars of this community. He is the best man to pray and thank God for his daily gifts, for giving them that orderly life where hands are never idle. Johan has always been able to fight Devil's temptations but now his life is in shambles, just as his family and the whole community. Simply because he is in love with another woman.