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Tripping with Zhirinowsky

Tripping with Zhirinowsky
International title Tripping with Zhirinowsky
Country Reino Unido
Year 1995
Running time 45
Director Pawel Pawlikowski
Screenplay Pawel Pawlikowski
Film Editing Agnieszka Bojanowska
Photography Steven Archer, Bogdan Dziworski
Producer BBC Films
Distribution Company BBC Films
Synopsis A documentary commissioned by the BBC on Russian Nationalist politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky and his campaign for presidency. From the deck of the boat he uses to travel, the politician stirs his supporters' spirits with his Hitler-inspired speeches, a character he openly declares his admiration for. Some of his promises to his voters there the reunification of the Soviet Union, the invasion of Alaska, Finland and Iran or the construction of gigantic fans to expel Russian nuclear waste into Germany.