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From Moscow to Pietushki

From Moscow to Pietushki
International title From Moscow to Pietushki
Country Reino Unido
Year 1991
Running time 45
Director Pawel Pawlikowski
Screenplay Pawel Pawlikowski
Film Editing Stefan Ronowicz
Photography Wit Dabal
Producer BBC FILMS
Distribution Company BBC FILMS
Synopsis Vyenedict Yerefeyev was the the most promising young talent in Soviet literature in the 60's. His novel From Moscow to Pietushki is internationally recognised as a cult work. That story told the train journey of a man drenched in alcohol and pesimism, autobiographical to a great extent. Yerefeyev's mind is still pure genius, lucid and caustic, his memories intact: the meltdown of the Kruschev era, the hopes it arose and never fulfilled and the generation that got let down.  That was Yerefeyev's generation and it drowned in drink. He is the best example. The writer is an alcoholic and a larynx cancer left him tied to a speech device.