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A Snake of June

A Snake of June
International title Rokugatsu No Hebi
Country Japón
Year 2002
Running time 77
Director Shinya Tsukamoto
Screenplay Shinya Tuskamoto
Film Editing Shinya Tuskamoto
Photography Shinya Tuskamoto
Producer Kaijyu Theater Co., Ltd.
Distribution Company Gold View Co., Ltd.
Synopsis A perfect couple for the simple reason that they have nothing to say to each other, nothing to fight or argue about. Nothing in bed either. She is beautiful and is already resigned to experience sex alone. He looks at her from the distance without ever touching her because his sexual appetite is precisely to look at others in full ecstacy. Suddenly, a stranger enters that accepted state of things. A man who seems to know the intimacy of both of them, who will play with them perversely forcing them to face what they are and what they want: she, to be enslaved in exciting SM practice; as for him, to dare to rub with his hands, to taste, to get lost in a body. To stop being a coward who just looks on.