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International title Vital
Country Japón
Year 2004
Running time 84
Director Shinya Tsukamoto
Screenplay Shinya Tsukamoto
Film Editing Shinya Tsukamoto
Photography Shinya Tsukamoto
Producer Kaijyu Theater Co., Ltd.
Distribution Company Gold View Co., Ltd.
Synopsis Hiroshi was a medicine student and had Ryoko, the woman of his life. A car accident killed Ryoko and deprived Hiroshi of his memory. Hiroshi is just like a ghost wandering about his parents' house, squeezing his mind in search of what there was there and finding nothing but a blank page. Before one of his forensic anatomy textbooks, something finally sparks off, some snippets of memory start coming back. He takes up his studies again and as he stands in front of a corpse he is about to dissect, Hiroshi has the powerful feeling that the person on that autopsy table is Ryoko.