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Yesterday Girl

Una muchacha sin historia
International title Abschied von gestern / Yesterday Girl
Country Alemania
Year 1965
Running time 88
Director Alexander Kluge
Screenplay Alexander Kluge
Film Editing Beate mainka-Jellinghaus
Photography Thomas Mauch, Edgar Reitz
Producer Independent-Film/Berlin, Kairos Film/Munich
Distribution Company Contemporary Films Ltd
24 Southwood Lawn Road
Londres N6 5SF
Reino Unido
T. 44 20 8340 5715
F. 44 20 8348 1238
Synopsis Based on a text by the director published in 1962, it tells the unfortunate events in the life of Anita G. A jewish girl moves from Eastern Germany to the FRG in the late fifties; from then on, a string of homes, jobs, love partners, petty crimes, spells in prison, etc. A pessimistic depiction of German society at the time, shrouded by the memory of the deportation of the filmmaker's parents to a concentration camp.