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International title Los Castigadores
Section Enfants Terribles fuera de competición
Country España/Hungria
Year 2010
Format 35mm
Color / B&W Color
Running time 91 min.
Original language Euskera
Director Arantza Ibarra, Alfonso Arandia
Screenplay Arantza Ibarra
Film Editing Julia Juaniz
Photography Gaizka Bourgeaud
Music Javier Vicente
Art direction Sandra Galicia
Costume Saioa Lara
Production José María Lara-Alokatu
Production design Ion Collar
Cast Amaia Aberasturi, Estibaliz Sarasola, Andoni Delavigne-Robles, Martín Gandiaga, Asier Vegas, Nikola Zalduegi, Pello Madariaga, Loli Astoreka, Anne Igartiburu, Carlos Sobera
Web site
Producer Alokatu
Distribution Company Alokatu
Synopsis Los Castigadores is the first child adventure movie filmed with living characters in Euskera. It is about bullying approached from a perspective which, while not avoiding its seriousness, deals with it with humour. Leire is 10 years old and her two best friends are Ainara and Sandra, in the same class. Angel, the school’s bully, and his friends, continuously hound and humiliate them (and also the rest of the class), to the extent that Ainara asks her parents to send her to another school. Leire thinks the bullies have exceeded their limit and spurs into action. Together with Sandra and Leo, a new student also bullied by Angel, she forms a secret group, The Retaliators, whose members dress up in superhero uniforms and are in charge of payback against the bullies. Leire’s talent for fighting, that of Sandra for dancing and Leo’s IT knowledge make the group unbeatable. However, Angel, and his influential mother are hard to beat.
Director bio Arantza Ibarra was born in Ondarroa (Bizkaia) in 1975. Author of the story and co-director of the movie, she has spent most of her professional career in the field of publicity as designer and creative director. She has also designed the scenography for various television programmes, published several children books and two screenplays, and she also wrote the songs for the Zigortzaileak soundtrack.

Director Alfonso Arandia was born in Galdakano (Vizcaya) in 1960. He has worked as director, producer and scriptwriter. He directed the following feature films: El anónimo and Carretera y manta. He has also directed several successful television series, like El comisario.