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International title Fantasma
Section Lisandro Alonso - 44 edición
Country Argentina, Francia, Holanda
Year 2006
Running time 63
Screenplay Lisandro Alonso
Film Editing Lisandro Alonso, Delfina Castagnino
Photography Lucio Bonelli
Producer 4L (Argentina)
Fortuna Films (Holanda) Slot Machine (Francia)
Distribution Company 4L
Synopsis Misael the axman and Argentino Vargas, guests at the Teatro San Martín in Buenos Aires for the screening of "Los Muertos". That theatre is a meeting place for the crème de la crème of culture, full of pompous words: author, reverse angle-shot, fade to black, Sokurov¦ That non-stop discussion of the characters while the real flesh-and-bone men lose their way as they never did in their jungles, roaming through toilets, screening cabins, staircases, changing rooms. At the most, they will meet those who don't watch films, because they're working, the box office staff, the ushers, the screening room operator.