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International title Bully
Section Larry Clark - 44 edición
Country Estados Unidos
Year 2001
Running time 113
Screenplay Zachary Long, Roger Pullis
Film Editing Andrew Hafitz
Photography Steve Gainer
Producer Gravity Entertainment, Inc Lions Gate Films Muse Productions
Distribution Company Baños Films, S.L.
Synopsis Bobby is the perfect son and the best student who one day will make a name for himself, quite the opposite of the gang he is mixing with: a single teenage mum, a pregnant girl, a junkie with a horrifying past and her crazed boyfriend, a repressed fat boy¦ Bobby is actually a bully, a rapista, a sadist who has them all under his boot. Specially Marty, his best friedn and favourite victim. It is time to rebel, to get rid of him, to carefully plan his murder.