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Can Tunis

International title Can Tunis
Section Esbilla - 44 edición
Country España
Year 2006
Running time 84
Director José González Morandi, Paco Toledo
Screenplay José González Morandi, Paco Toledo
Film Editing Fernando Pardo, Búster Franco, Armand Pontous
Photography Paco Toledo
Music Los Mártires del Compás
Producer Didac Films S.L.
Synopsis Juan is 12, he's got 8 brothers, 20 cousins, a drug-addicted father and a mother in prison since he was 6. They live in a "gypsy slum" in Barcelona where about a thousand addicts come everyday to do and sell drugs. Juan and his kin make their living out of traffic and crime. Now the slum is on the official lists for demolition and the family has to find a new place to live.