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Whole Train

International title Whole Train
Section Enfants Terribles - 44 edición
Country Alemania
Year 2006
Running time 82
Director Florian Gaag
Screenplay Florian Gaag
Film Editing Kai Schröter
Photography Christian Rein
Music Florian Gaag
Producer Goldkind Film E.
Synopsis What keeps this group of friends together is an urban artistic cause called graffiti, prosecuted by law and kept well outside the Tate Modern and the museums. They have their own values and rules. The follow a strict and honest code and they dream, artists as they are, with becoming famous, respected and acknowledged. But for the time being, they have to make do with using their sprays at night and, more urgently, running away from the Police and accepting the challenge of a rival group, the fearsome KBS, who have thrown the glove and dared them to paint a real, whole commuter train.
Director bio Florian Gaag was born in 1971 in Waldsassen (Germany) and, after graduating from high school, studied filmmaking for four years at the Tisch School of Arts of New York University. Between 1995 and 2001, Florian Gaag directed or acted as assistant director of various shorts and documentaries (many of which he also produced) such as Jack & Sterling, Greg's Cabin and Prelude. Wholetrain, for which he wrote both the script and the music score, is his debut feature film.