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International title U
Section Enfants Terribles - 44 edición
Country Francia
Year 2006
Running time 71
Director Serge Elissalde
Screenplay Grégoire Solotareff
Film Editing Céline Kélépikis
Music Sanseverino
Producer Prima Linea Productions E.
Distribution Company Celluloid Dreams
Synopsis Mona, the dog-girl who cries unhappily in her ruinous castle, receives the visit of U, not a fairy godmother, not even a mere fairy, she is a female unicorn on a paradoxical mission: to be blown away by the wind the day Mona finds happiness. The most difficult thing will be to lift Mona up so that she stops looking at the floor and her belly button and discovers the sea, the sun, the sky, the flowers, music, people and love, which, as everybody knows, heals everything.
Director bio Born in Besançon in 1962, Serge Elissalde studied painting and sculpture at the Bordeaux University and worked for two years as a drawing teacher in Toulouse and Lille. A self-taught animator, he directed his first short in 1987. He then readily promoted and co-founded "L'Atelier d'Anim" which became his headquarters as well as the Mecca of Parisian animation production. In 2002-2003 he helmed Verte, based on Marie Desplechin's novel for France Televisions and Merlin based on Sfar and Munuera's comic book.