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Schnitzel Paradise

International title Het Schnitzel Pardijs
Section Enfants Terribles - 44 edición
Country Holanda
Year 2005
Running time 85
Director Martin Koolhoven
Screenplay Marco van Geffen
Film Editing Jobter Burg
Photography Guido van Gennep
Producer Lemming Film
Distribution Company Baditri, S.L. E.
Synopsis The kitchen at the big Dutch hotel where Nordip, a second generation Moroccan, is in charge of the sink is worse than hell, it's Babel, Chaplin and Tati. Among slips, quarrels, fat, upturned pots and garnishes going from the floor back to the plate, the zoo that work there make themselves understood in five or six languages under the orders of a chef disguised as a heavy metal singer. The staff is surrounded by some eccentric and indescribable wildlife, including Nordip's love interest, the heiress of the hotel who has just started climbing the ladder to the top. All in all, a thriving microcosm of love, coexistence of creeds and cultures, effort and courage, topped with quite a few laughs.
Director bio Born in The Hague in 1969, he graduated from the Dutch Film and Television Academy in 1996. He has written and directed shorts, music videos and television films; worth mentioning among the latter is Suzy Q, which was the most awarded Dutch film of 1999. His short film De Orde den Dingen (1996) was selected for the Official Selection of the 34th Edition of Gijón Film Festival. His second feature film, Schnitzel Paradise, has not only received excellent reviews, but it has also become the highest grossing Dutch film of 2005.