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Cristóbal Molón

International title Cristóbal Molón
Section Enfants Terribles - 44 edición
Country España
Year 2006
Running time 70
Director Aitor Arregi, Iñigo Berasategi
Screenplay Joanes Urkixo, Aitor Arregi
Film Editing Trevor Waite
Photography David Katznelson
Producer Irusoin
E. Dibulitoon Studio E.
Distribution Company Barton Films
Synopsis In a world parallel to ours, with its own date in time, a spaceship travels to the Moon to carve in it the face of the whimsical tyrant of the kingdom. The pilot is a layabout and aspiring discoverer called Cristóbal Molón and his navigator, a tough-as-nails spinster. What they find after landing is quite appalling, although not as bad as what their king is doing back on Earth: he is trying to turn the forests of the kingdom into a housing development.
Director bio Íñigo Berasategui was born in 1968 in San Sebastian and his professional career has seen him work as a film director and as an animation director. His works as a film director include two features: Glup, nominated to a Goya Prize in 2004 and produced by Dibulitoon-Irusoin, a Basque 3D animation production company and one of the most important in Europe, and Pocahontas. His works as an animation film director include the series Maroons and Alex y Alexis, and the feature film Olentzero.

Aitor Arregi was born in 1977 and as well as graduating in Business Administration and Management, he studied filmmaking at the Centro de Artes Escénicas de Sarobe. His career as a co-scriptwriter and co-director includes the documentary Sahara Marathon, feature films such as Glup (co-director), Iraetarrak and Socios (scriptwriter), as well as numerous TV programme. In the short film field, he wrote and directed Nora Hoa Bixente? (awarded in San Sebastián) and El Bucle.