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Monks - The Transatlantic Feedback

International title Monks - The Transatlantic Feedback
Country Alemania, Estados Unidos, España
Year 2006
Running time 100
Director Dietmar Post, Lucía Palacios
Film Editing Dieter Jaufmann
Music Monks
Producer Play Loud! Gubener Strasse, 23 10243 Berlín Alemania T. 49 30 2977 9315 F. 49 30 2977 9316 E.
Distribution Company Play Loud!
Synopsis How to turn a normal human being into a rock star, or the ephemeral story of 5 ex-G.I.s who, at the hands of two smart admen became The Monks. They got a certain notoriety in Europe more for being considered the œanti-Beatles? then for their own work and they died of musical starvation in 1967. This documentary rescues them and vindicates them, making a compelling argument for their influence as proto-punks and art-rock pioneers.