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Old Joy

Old Joy
International title Old Joy
Section Sección Oficial Largometrajes Fuera de Competición - 44 edición
Country Estados Unidos
Year 2006
Running time 73
Director Kelly Reichardt
Screenplay Kelly Reichardt, Jonathan Raymond
Film Editing Kelly Reichardt
Photography Peter Sillen
Producer Van Hoy/Knudsen Productions

Washington Square Films

Film Science
Distribution Company Forward Entertainment

Synopsis They have been friends forever, although they have always been like chalk and cheese, their names are Mark and Kurt and they have gone on a weekend camping trip in the mountains in Oregon. Kurt is still the free spirit, unrooted, drifting through life, but Mark has moved on, with a serious relationship and baby on the way. The hours progress, the landscape changes, lots of silence and one opposite the other start un-knowing each other. Whatever there was is still there but is not the same, they aren’t children who bonded through idealism anymore, they don’t share anything anymore. They will never get back what they lost, but they will try to replace it while searching for natural hot springs.
Director bio After a short stint at Massachusetts College of Art and graduation from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Miami native Kelly Reichardt (1964) made some of the first Super-8 music videos to air on MTV. Her first feature, River of Grass, was acclaimed by the critics. After River of Grass, Reichardt directed Ode, Travis, and Then a Year. She keeps body and soul together by teaching film at NYU. Old Joy premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and was the first American film to win the Tiger award at the Rotterdam Film Festival.