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Day Night Day Night

Day Night Day Night
International title Day Night Day Night
Section Sección Oficial Largometrajes Fuera de Competición - 44 edición
Country Estados Unidos
Year 2006
Running time 94
Director Julia Loktev
Screenplay Julia Loktev
Film Editing Michael Taylor, Julia Loktev
Photography Benoit Debie
Producer FaceFilm

Eyebeam Artist in Residence Program
Distribution Company Scalpel Films
Synopsis A stranger arrives at an airport where nobody is waiting for her. She check in an anonymous hotel and waits. Alone in her room she carries out banal and ritualistic tasks: she brushes her teeth, clips her toenails, eats egg rolls. The wait draws on, it becomes oppressive and threatening: something or somebody is about to arrive and when it does, in the shape of hooded handlers, the lump in our throat becomes unbearable.
Director bio Julia Loktev was born in St. Petersburg and immigrated to the United States with her family when she was nine years old. She came to film through sound rather than image – while in university in Montreal, she dj’d at an alternative radio station, which led to making her own audio art pieces, which led to film. She received a degree in film and communications from McGill University in Montreal and completed the New York University Graduate Film Program. Her first feature documentary, Moment of Impact (1998), played at festivals around the world and won the Directing Award at the Sundance Film Festival and Best Documentary at Karlovy Vvary. Moment of Impact is in the permanent film collection at the MOMA. Her video works have been shown at Tate Modern, in London, Bienal de Venecia and Art Tower Mito in Japan.She has also created several video installations. Day Night Day Night (2006) is her first fiction feature.