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Welcome to the Dollhouse

International title Welcome to the Dollhouse
Country Estados Unidos
Year 1995
Running time 99
Director Todd Solondz
Screenplay Todd Solondz
Film Editing Alan Oxman
Music Jill Wisoff
Producer Suburban Pictures
Distribution Company Baños Films Fragosiño, 32 - Baixo 1 ª 36214 Sardoma (Vigo) España
Synopsis In the middle of New Jersey, the middle child in a middle class family is suffering. And so she should. Adolescence is running her down, she wears glasses, she is ugly, scruffy, weird, she falls in love easily and, of course, is quite unpopular. Nobody pays her any attention, not even at home where she is almost invisible, her mother is too busy loving her younger daughter, a would-be Pavlova. As regards the eldest son, he goes his own way as a member of a local rock band. So to make up for all this, Dawn´s imagination works overtime: her brother´s hunky friend declares his love for her, although the truth is that the only declaration of love she gets comes from the freak of the class. And suddenly, the future Pavlova goes missing, and it might be because of Dawn´s deliberate negligence.