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Im Schatten

Im Schatten
International title In the Shadows
Section Una cierta idea de cine. La escuela de Berlín
Country Alemania
Year 2010
Format 35mm
Color / B&W Color
Running time 85 min
Original language Alemán
Director Thomas Arslan
Screenplay Thomas Arslan
Film Editing Bettina Blickwede
Photography Reinhold Vorschneider
Music Geir Jenssen
Costume Anette Guther
Production design Florian Koerner von Gustorf, Michael Weber
Cast Mišel Maticevic (Trojan), Karoline Eichhorn (Dora Hillmann), Uwe Bohm (René Mayer), Rainer Bock (Nico), David Scheller (Martin Krüger), Meter Kurth (Richard Bauer)
Producer Schramm Film Corner & Weber
Distribution Company Schramm Film Corner & Weber
Synopsis Im Schatten is a detailed and surgically analytical description of the activities of a professional, in this case, the activities of Trojan, a rather special professional in the field of criminal activities. Shortly after being released from prison, Trojan decides to commit a new crime, turns down his ex-boss's offer and accepts a much more ambitious proposal: Dora, a lawyer and ex-lover, proposes the theft of one million Euro (according to the information available) from an armoured vehicle. Trojan recruits a retired thief and sets off to execute this new plan. But he soon starts confronting a series of obstacles which, one way or the other, he must vanquish. Some of them, some pieces from his past aiming at settling old scores, and a corrupt policeman who is on his tail, because he suspects he must be up to something.