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International title Keane
Country Estados Unidos
Year 2004
Running time 93
Director Lodge H. Kerrigan
Screenplay Lodge H. Kerrigan
Film Editing Andrew Hafitz
Photography John Foster
Producer Populist Pictures / Studio Fierberg
Distribution Company Magnolia Pictures 49 West 27th, 7th Floor Nueva York, NY 10001 Estados Unidos T. 1212 9246701 F. 1212 9246742 E.
Synopsis From Port Authority bus terminal in New York, a man fights his own battles agains schizofrenia and tries to face the loss of his daughter. She might have gone missing or she might just be another one of the ghosts living in his head, maybe that daughter is not even real. But he redeems that absence, whether imaginary or not, helping young girls who, just like Kira, are in search of some human warmth. And again the doubts, because the man's motives could be innocent and fatherly. Or maybe they aren't.
Director bio He was born in New York in 1964. After graduating in Political Philosophy by Columbia University, he went on to study Film Production at The Tisch School of Arts at New York University. He started his career in filmmaking as an assistant director for well-known documentalist Frederick Wiseman and as an occasional actor, for example in The Search for One Eye Jim, a dark comedy starring Steve Buscemi and Samuel L. Jackson. One of the key points in his career is the release in 1994 of his first feature film, Clean, Shaven in Cannes Film Festival in the section Un Certain Regard; Clean, Shaven won the Best Director award and the Special Mention of the Jury in Fantasporto and was nominated to the Grand Jury Prize in Sundance. In 1998 he shot his next film, Claire Dolan, which took part in Cannes Film Festival in its Official Selection. It would be another six years before he directed Keane, produced by Steven Soderbergh, which has received the Critics Award and the Jury Special Prize at Deauville Film Festival. Between Claire Dolan and Keane, Kerrigan directed a film titled In God´s Hands, starring Peter Sarsgaard and executive produced by Steven Soderbergh which was never released because of extensive negative damage