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International title Cologne
Country Bélgica
Year 2004
Running time 21
Director Kaat Beels
Screenplay Kaat Beels
Film Editing Yoohan Leyssens
Photography Micha Douwes
Producer Visjes Films Stalingradlaan 22 1000 Bruselas Bélgica T. 32 251 44864 E.
Distribution Company La Big Family asbl Sales Agent Films Production 42 rue Dethy 1060 Bruselas Bélgica T. 32 2 5383158 E.
Synopsis A man and a woman run away to the sea, leaving everything and everyone behind. But they are not as alone as they had foreseen, because the man´s past travels with them.
Director bio His fimography as director includes Bedtime Stories, Bruxelles mon amour, Cologne and Selected Shorts #1. He was the script writer in the three first and worked also as co-producer for Patrice Toye´s Rosie.