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FICX INDUSTRY DAYS 2.0 / 19 — 22 November

Please note that the following schedule may be subject to changes and adjustments.


Place: Conference Room — Antiguo Instituto Cultural Centre

10:00h │ TALK: An approach to Intellectual Property in Cinema
The experts of our partners at the firm Visual InLaw will tell us about the most important elements related to Intellectual Property from the producer and the author’s perspective, with special emphasis on the most relevant points, such as contracting and the transfer of rights that it entails. They will present different paradigmatic cases with the support of Professor of Civil Law, Germán Bercovitz and producer Diego Rodríguez (La Charito Films).

Fabien Grinvalds – Lawyer at Visual InLaw
Javier Feito – Lawyer at Visual InLaw
Germán Bercovitz - Professor of Civil Law
Diego Rodríguez - Producer (La Charito Films)

This event will be held in Spanish

Visual InLaw will offer free legal advice during the FICX Industry Days. Appointments can be requested through info @ specifying in the subject: 56 FICX-Asesoramiento Legal.

visual in law

11:00h │ PANEL DISCUSSION: Sales and distribution. How to find the best match
Representatives of distribution companies and sales agencies will talk about their different approaches to the film circuit and the key factors to be taken into account in each case in order to guarantee the best circulation of the films, and what we should note when trying to find the best match for our works.

Susana Santos Rodrigues – Co-founder, programmer and producer at VAIVEM*
Ferran Herranz – Founder and CEO at La Aventura Audiovisual
Carlos Ríos – CEO of Noucinemart / D'A Film Festival

Moderator: Toni Oliete – Head of Sales at Film Factory Entertainment and Professor at the Master’s Degree in Audio-visual Distribution at ECAM

This event will be held in Spanish with simultaneous interpretation into English

*Susana Santos Rodrigues takes part in FICX Industry Days as a guest thanks to the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) through its Programme for the Internationalization of Spanish Culture (PICE).

accion cultural             ecam

12:15h │ PRESENTATION: EURIMAGES. Co-production support. The key to submitting an eligible project

Informative session presented by Sergio García de Leaniz, who will explain the eligibility criteria for co-productions in Eurimages, and Pablo Pérez de Lema, who will talk about the success factors in this programme, the common mistakes to be avoided and the key to submitting an eligible project.

Sergio García de Leaniz – Project Manager Eurimages
Pablo Pérez de Lema – Head of the Department of Promotion and International Relations at the Spanish Institute of Cinematography and Audio-visual Arts (ICAA)

This event will be held in Spanish

eurimages    ICAA


Place: Conference Room — Antiguo Instituto Cultural Centre

10:30h│ PRESENTATION: La Incubadora
La Incubadora is a programme focused on the development of film features, promoted by ECAM, and aimed at emerging producers, directors and screenwriters from Spain. It consists of mentoring, individual advice, workshops and funding of five feature film projects with international potential. La Incubadora is supported by Torino Film Lab Meeting Event, Rotterdam Lab (IFFR), Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs), and Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) through its Programme for the Internationalization of Spanish Culture (PICE).

Gemma Vidal La Incubadora coordinator and programme manager
Jaime Gona – Producer of ‘El Profesor’ (Gonita Films), La Incubadora first Generation

This event will be held in Spanish

the screen                ecam

11:30h │ PUSH PLAY Work-in-Progress Session
Presentation of Spanish (Co)productions in pre-editing, editing or post-production stages, accompanied by the screening of excerpts.


Les perseides (Boogaloo Films) – Alberto Dexeus and Ànnia Gabarró (Directors)
Blanco en blanco (El Viaje Films/Don Quijote Films) – Théo Court (Director) and José Alayón (Producer)
Arima (Esnatu Zinema) – Jaione Camborda (Director and producer)
Niño de Elche (Señor y Señora/ Código Sur) – Marc Sempere (Co-director) and Maider Fernández (Production)
Pacífico Sur (Chester Media Producciones) – Inés Paz and Marta Mira (Directors, screenwriters and producers)

An international jury will award the prizes: DCP DELUXE Work-in-Progress consisting on a DCP Mastering worth 6.000€, and OpenECAM Work-in-Progress which provides the chance to use all the sets, studios and equipment available at ECAM during the 18 months following FICX’s closing date for the post-production of the awarded project.

This event will be held in Spanish with simultaneous interpretation into English

accion cultural    deluxe      ecam

14:00h | Asturian Film Meeting
Place: La Hacienda de La Llorea Golf

Gijon International Film Festival celebrates Asturian cinema. Directors and producers will talk about their recent works, selected in the different sections within the Festival’s 56th Edition. After the presentation, there will be a networking space for local and national professionals to meet their international counterparts in order to talk more deeply about their projects, share impressions and exchange contacts in view of possible future collaborations.

Given the limited capacity, attendance at this activity will be convened by personal invitation from the FICX Industry Days organization.

a feira


Place: Conference Room — Antiguo Instituto Cultural Centre

10:00h | PANEL DISCUSSION: BE SHORT NOW! Festivals: their films and their audience

BE SHORT NOW! is a series of industry meetings and panels focusing on short films created by Torino Short Film Market (Italy) and Gijón International Film Festival (Spain). Our two events, taking place almost simultaneously, share the same goal to dig inside the world of short films and bring into light different aspects of the current short film industry. For this first edition, there will we have organized two panel discussions. The first one, called Festivals: their films and their audience will take place in Gijon on the 21st of November as part of the FICX Industry Days programme. In a panel discussion format, we will explore the role of the films’ selectors, curators & programmers in relation with the audience (how to reach, how to entertain, how to educate, how to grow and how not to lose an audience). The second event (also in a panel discussion format) will be held in Torino on November 24th under the title of THE USUAL SUSPECTS? An honest and amusing discussion on serious matters about programming choices in the (Short) Film Festival Circuit.

Intro: Massimiliano Nardulli (Programmer at Torino Short Film Market)

Jukka-Pekka Laakso – Director of Tampere Film Festival (Finland)
Vanesa Fernández – Director of ZINEBI - International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao (Spain)
Stefan Ivančić – Short Film Programmer at Locarno International Film Festival (Switzerland)
Bianca Lucas – Short Film Programmer at Sarajevo Film Festival (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Moderator: Jorge Rivero – Short Film Programmer at Gijon IFF (Spain)

This event will be held in Spanish and English with bilateral simultaneous interpretation

*Jukka-Pekka Laakso, Stefan Ivančić and Bianca Lucas take part in the FICX Industry Days thanks to the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) through its Programme for the Internationalization of Spanish Culture (PICE).

torino     accion cultural

11:15h | ALMA TALK: Everything you have signed and you shouldn’t have signed
From their personal experience, Sergio Barrejón and Tomás Rosón will explain in a helpful and funny way the key items screenwriters face when negotiating a contract, the mistakes they should not make, the parts they should negotiate in detail, and the best way to do it. They will address, among other issues, those relating to delivery times within the stages of the script development, the approval of the work by the production company, and the relation of both things with the terms of payment to the screenwriter; the participation of the screenwriters in the income from the exploitation; the transfer of transformation rights and its consequences; the collective labour agreement applicable to screenwriters; and the room for manoeuvre in screenwriters’ work contracts. This talk is organized in cooperation with the Spanish Screenwriters Union ALMA.

Sergio Barrejón – Director and screenwriter
Tomás Rosón – Lawyer at ALMA

This event will be held in Spanish


12:15h | PITCHING SESSION: VI Film Scriptwriting Lab by SGAE Foundation
The SGAE Foundation aims to contribute to positive changes in the authorship conditions, facilitating its development in the cultural sector and the cultural industries, as well as its contact with the audience and society, and its presence beyond our borders. As part of its Laboratories for the development of projects, the sixth edition of the Film Scriptwriting Lab has mentored and supported six works that will be presented in a Pitching Session during the second edition of the FICX Industry Days, with the presence of their authors:

Ane & Peio, una historia de amor entre pimientosLara Izagirre (Screenwriter and director)
El calipoFrancisco Menchón (Screenwriter and director)
Dos días de septiembreSara Cano (Screenwriter)
Matar cangrejosOmar Razzak (Screenwriter and director)
La mudanzaPablo Valiente (Screenwriter)

This event will be held in Spanish

fundacion sgae


Place: Conference Room — Antiguo Instituto Cultural Centre

10:30h | TALK: Seducing the audience: MEDIA Desk Spain
11:30h | TALK: Seducing the audience: The Film Agency

In order to reach different audiences, first you have to define them. Then, you have to know how to speak to them in a language they understand, so you can connect a film with its target audience. Peter Andermatt will explain the general approach of Creative Europe MEDIA Programme to this subject, and after a pause, Celia Fumanal from The Film Agency will illustrate the key elements to digital film marketing with a series of practical examples that combine the use of online and offline tools.

Peter Andermatt – MEDIA Spain Office Manager
Celia Fumanal – Digital Strategies Manager at The Film Agency

This event will be held in Spanish

the film agency           oficina media españa

Industry and Press Corner

Place: 1st Floor — Antiguo Instituto Cultural Centre

The Industry and Press Corner is open for the Festival guests, badge-holders and professionals and Press. It is a meeting point perfectly equiped to host interviews, one-to-one meetings. This space has WiFi connection.

Open daily during the Festival from 10:00h to 14:00h and 16:00 to 19:30h, with exception of Friday November 16 and Sunday November 18, dates in which the Corner will remain open only during the morning from 10:00 to 14:00h