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Unmentionable youth

Jesús Palacios
Almost no one really remembers their teenage years. Maybe we can remember a sweetened version of it. A reader’s digest- like selection of our teen and pre-teen days where flashes of happiness, dreams of youth, lost hopes, first loves and eternal friendships lasting a couple of years, or maybe just one summer, shine deceptively. A nostalgia for a young and healthy body, of first impressions and hormonal drive when leaving school, of the dark shades that blur the first years of our sexual and mortal beginnings are relegated to dark corners we barely want to look at… There we can find our indescribable teen sexual desires, ambiguous and complex, that would clutch our throats with terrors and ghosts that would end up making our personality for the best and, of course, for the worst. We don’t want to think, quoting Thomas Wolfe, in “the wild confusion of adolescence, the sexual nightmares of puberty, the grief, the fear, the shame in which a boy broods over the dark world of his desire”, where “every boy, caged in from confession by his fear, is to himself a monster.”

But so the monsters we were and the monsters that accosted us (the bullies, the boys and girls that rejected us, the parents that wanted to devour us, the teachers that failed us, the friends that betrayed us) aren’t unjustly forgotten, so we have eternally present the unmentionable of a past time that wasn’t always the best, the golden treasure that so often turned menstrual red and inner demon black, Noche Innombrable brings this year Game of Death, a mortal juvenile game needed in the age of innocence and indecency, when we believed ourselves immortal and greater than life itself, beyond good and evil and any other moral need. A race to the death with the youth and life we will all eventually lose. But so far, don’t stop the party! Remember: you are a monster only once.

    Game of Death

    Francia, Canada
    Running time: 75 min.
    Cast: Sam Earle, Victoria Diamond, Emelia Hellman, Catherine Saindon, Erniel Baez D, Nick Serino, Thomas Vallieres, Jane Hackett, Steve Godin, Neve Leblanc, Natalie Darbyson
    55 edición - La Noche Innombrable
    Sébastien Landry, Laurence Baz Morais

    Saatanan Kanit

    Fucking Bunnies
    Running time: 17 min.
    Cast: Jouko Puolanto (Raimo), Janne Reinnikainen (Maki)
    55 edición - La Noche Innombrable
    Teemu Niukkanen