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F20 Opening Party Nikki Hill

Casino De Asturias - 8€Ant. / 10€Taq.

NIKKIOn October 16, Nikki Hill, from North Carolina but living in New Orleans, will release her new album Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists with Deep Fryed Records. Backed by the roaring boogie of her band, a mix halfway between
The Staple Singers and AC/DC, her new album shows Nikki exuding security with a burning sound preaching the most rocking gospel: late at night, hot kisses and intoxicating love. Raised in a church choir, in the spirit of R&B and rumble garage rock, Nikki Hill spits fire with a soul that has bathed in Etta James’ voice, and her tattooed aura and beehive hair, which reminds us of The Cramps guitar, Poison Ivy. Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists showcases Nikkis limitless versatility, from the perverted roar in Struttin, to the Rolling like burning blues in (Let Me Tell You ‘Bout) LUV or the ballad that touches our soul called Nothin’ With You. A couple of years ago, Nikki Hill was a waitress leaning towards punk and a deep love for classic R&B. Now the band tours the world, impressing audiences with their muscular sound, Matt’s volcanic riffs and, of course, Nikki’s incomparable charisma.

S21 Front 242 David + Yayo + Gillu

Casino De Asturias - 20€Ant. / 24€Taq.

frontThe name Front 242 comes from a UN decree int 1979, the one setting up the first week of peace after the War of the Six Days that originated in the Isrealian-Arab conflict. In any case, it’s a key band to understand the transition of the music industry from the 80’s to the 90’s. He played them a lot at Psicódromo, the club that imported to Barcelona the music philosophy of Valencia’s “ruta del bakalao”. Daniel B and Dirk Bergen created the band around 1980 then Jean-Luc de Meyer and Patrick Codenys joined them to create Geography. Later Dirk Bergen left the band, and furhter changes took place when Richard 23 joined.
Once the pieces fell into place, they created a series of E.B.M. anthems that forever placed them in history. In 1993 they left their military look behind to dig deeper in guitar samples and female voices. Headhunter, Welcome To Paradise, First In / First Out, W.Y.H.I.W.Y.G. or Welcome To Paradise will forever stary in the memory of the fans who could enjoy them in Spain at Monegros festival in 2004.


Casino De Asturias - 20€Ant. / 24€Taq.

alfredoHe started his music career in 2004 releasing “La vida de alquiler”, a self made record released only in his home region. In late 2008 he released “Dudas y precipicios” (DFX) and a few months later, already in 2009, “La nada y tu”, a record with lyrics in Asturian.
With these two works he won four Premios de la Música Asturiana (best lyrics, best song in other scenes, best video and best keyboard player). He traveled all of Spain with his songs and the tour ended in Colombia with Pablo Moro. In 2012 he released “Dobleces”, a doublé record with ten songs in Spanish and ten in Asturian with the participation of such artists as Quique González or Fabián. He tours the whole country again and shared the stage with such artists as Javier Álvarez, Depedro or Iván Ferreiro. The good results of this tour gave him the idea to record a live álbum.
When recording, in September 2013, he had the collaboration of friends like Nacho Vegas, Rubén Pozo or Guadi Galego. His last LP is “La paciencia del faquir”. Produced by Paco Loco, it consists of ten songs, more electric and direct than in previous records.


Portobello Café - Entrada libre

belizeCreated in Pamplona, the Navarran band Belize walks the thin line separating the acoustic and melodic spirit of straightforward pop and the electric atmospheres and textures of dance music. Concrete jungles, urban tropics, dense traffic, the roots of cement…
From Navarra, Belize breaks into Spanish pop scene with their debut album of the same name, one bringing escape-tropical sound and urban stories turned into songs. Since their beginnings in 2012, the band led by brothers Ángel and Ana Fuertes and now with María Fernández, Pablo García, Juan Rubio and Vicente Hidalgo as well, have looked after all of the artistic elements surrounding the band in a close and artisan way, from music production, done by themselves, to design and videos. And this record is the best introduction letter for all the work they carried out for years. “Belize” (2015), even if presented through solid singles, has been conceived to be listened to “in one go”. In its 10 songs and 5 interludes we see the continuous dialogue between Ángel and Ana. Or rather, of their characters who, travelling in a music rollercoaster, throw at each other the best and the worst of being together and alone.


Portobello Café - Entrada libre

frontCompartiendo las semillas (Sharing the seeds) is not a tribute band. It is not. Its members, as changing as the hydra the Bad Seeds is, just aim to pay homage to the band led by the Australian, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, with all due respect and passion. Born after a workshop at the Aula de Música Pop Rock at the Universidad de Oviedo, it lent its name to the book by Jorge Alonso (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Compartiendo las Semillas, 66RPM) which is on its third edition already. On this occasion they will play an acoustic repertoire performed by Manu Molina (drums and percussion), Mar Álvarez (piano and keyboard), Alberto Sastre (guitar and back-up vocals), Iker González (guitar) and Jorge Alonso himself (vocals), and perhaps by guest stars as well, while also having some books for sale. Imagine the funniest thing you can do without laughing, that’s the spirit inspiring Compartiendo las Semillas.

Th26 Cracker (Usa) + Bobkat’65

Casino De Asturias - Entrada libre

crackCracker is an American alternative rock band led by Camper Van Beethoven’s former member, singer David Lowery, with guitar Johnny Hickman. In 1995 they took part in When the Levee Breaks, a tribute album to Led Zeppelin, with their take on Good Times, Bad Times. Defined as the only band open both to Grateful Dead and to Ramones. Cracker mixes with ease influences and sounds ranging from classic country-rock to psychedelia, punk and folk, in an Americana cocktail. Cracker has experimented big changes in its members, as only Lowery and Hickman have always been there. Their latest album, Berkeley to Bakersfield (2014), makes reference to that geographical trip in California, but also to the sound trip from Berkeley, right by San Francisco, to Bakersfield, more Southern and one of the birthplaces of country.

bobBobkat’65 was born eight months ago, when three fanatics of American teenbeat met. Their influences range from the wildest 60’s punk to moody garage. They have recorded their first single at Estudios Circo Perrotti which will soon be released by the American label Get Hip. Two pills in the purest 60’s teenbeat

F27 El Gran Wyoming Y Los Insolventes + The Nap

Casino De Asturias - Free

wyomingEL GRAN WYOMING Y LOS INSOLVENTES is a band offering great versions of the rock songs of artists ranging from Chuck Berry, Jet, The Who or Frank Zappa to Siniestro Total, Leño or Ramones.
This is accompanied by Wyoming’s satire on stage as he plays all the artistic keys. The famous comedian, actor, director, writer and music, even if he was trained to be a doctor, conducts since 2006 in TV station La Sexta the show El intermedio, where humour is used to analyse the news..

napTHE NAP: It’s a classic format rock band (two guitars, bass, drums, vocals)created in Gijón in 2011 with members coming from different places(Alicante and Asturias) who now live in Gijón, Spain. Their songsfeature solid guitar riffs looking for harmonies with the voices ofits four members. Among their music influences they confess theiradmiration for such artists as Tom Petty, Hendrix, Steve RayVaughan,Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kinks, Pink Floyd, and a long etc. InJanuary 2013 they released their first self published work “Indira”,a seven song mini Lp showcasing the bands music style and showing aversatility raging from funk, rock with classeic touches, Americanfolk or alternative rock. Nap the band are: Andrés López Pérez:Vocals and electric guitar Kike Planelles: Electrica guitar, back upvocals.

S28 . Jazzanova, LCC, Kresy

00:00 Lanna Club · 10e + copa (hasta las 2:00)

jazzJAZZANOVA is a German music collective of producers and DJs living in Berlin and created in 1995. Their members are Alexander Barck, Claas Brieler, Jürgen von Knoblauch, Roskow Kretschmann, Stefan Leisering and Axel Reinemer. The band is one of the best examples of music styles such as Nu jazz, Chillout and Jazz house, and they’re also linked to the labels Compost Records and Sonar Kollektiv. They have also experimented with Latin jazz, for example in the song Tres Bien. They also have a side project called Extended Spirit. They have achieved wide recognition with their innovative remixes of a great number of artists. Their latest work is the album Of All the Things (2008).

kresKRESY (dj set) Kresy began producing electronic music in 2002, after having been part of several indie rock and post rock bands. His first references as a producer show up in the English micro-house label Multivitamins, and in them one can see a clear influence of the trending styles in the beginning of that decade. He began a new stint in the Barcelona
based label Hivern Discs with the release of the song Many Man, which made it to such dj charts as Four Tet, and in February 2012 he released his first lone ep Lords of Percussion, played by such international djs as Nick Hoppner, Jennifer Cardini or Jimpster. As a dj, he has been hired by prestigious European clubs such as Apolo in Barcelona, Panorama in Berlin or Corsica in London.

LccLCC (which stands for Las CasiCasiotone) are Asturians Ana Quiroga (Mieres, 1985) and Uge Pañeda (Gijón, 1980). They have recently released their first LP, d/evolution, in prestigious Austrian label Editions Mego. Since 2010 they have been involved in different art projects, focusing mostly in sound design and music production. In 2013 they
made the soundtrack for the documentary Ciutat Morta (award winner in 2014 Malaga Film Festival) and late that year they won in the Otras Tendencias category at the well-known festival Villa de Bilbao. In March 2014 they also won the AMAS award to the best electronic production.