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FICX for Kids

This section is one of the most representative ones of FICXixón, a link with the origins of an event that was born dedicated exclusively to children. The development of the festival towards an alternative and art house cinema did not break the link with this proposal, but went beyond the screen and slipped through to the classrooms. Fifteen years after that revival, the youngest programme has become essential to the Asturian educational community, as evidenced by more than 137,000 students that have gone through the screening rooms taking part in the extracurricular proposals of this educational and cultural space.

Enfants Terribles is approached with great ambition, first, by the determination to dignify an activity dedicated to the youngest audience of the event, but also by the responsibility involved in teaching children to be critical viewers.

Since 2008 the main venue where screenings and parallel activities of this section have taken place is the Laboral Theatre, a privileged place equipped with high technical quality that easily absorbs the entry and exit of hundreds, even thousands of students in several film showings.