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International Jury

dmitryDMITRY GLUKHOVSKY is a Russian journalist and writer. Born in Moscow in 1979, Dmitry got a degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and has worked as a journalist for EuroNews TV, Deutsche Welle or Sky News. As a reporter for Russia Today TV he travelled all over the world, saw the Russian rockets take off from Baykonur and made the first live connection from the North Pole. He has also worked as a journalist for the Kremlin, covering the President’s trips abroad.

His first novel, Metro 2033, a post-nuclear dystopia set in the underground in Moscow, started its release for free in his website in 2002, and was finished in 2004. Years later it was published on paper and became a success, as it sold 600.000 copies in his country. It has been translated into 35 languages and can still be found for free on the Internet. Metro 2034, its second instalment, was released in 2009 and sold 100.000 copies in a week.

He has also written the thriller It’s getting Darker and Tales about Motherland, a collection of satirical short stories where he criticizes nowadays Russia.

Glukhovsky speaks not only Russian but also English, French, German, Hebrew and Spanish.

ernestoERNESTO ALTERIO was born in Argentina in 1970. Shortly later, and because of his father –also an actor- Ernesto Alterio’s left wing activism, the family was exiled in Spain after the coup d’etat. He started studying Science subjects, then History and in the end he started learning dramatic art with Cristina Rota and Daniel Sánchez. In Rota’s school he met Nathalie Poza, Guillermo Toledo and Alberto San Juan. They created the theatre group Ración de Oreja that would later be merged with de Andrés Lima’s company under the name Animalario.

He has worked in such films as The Stolen Years, which earned him a Goya nomination, Washington Wolves, which earned him the Award Best New Actor in Toulouse Film Festival, Yoyes, which earned him the Award to the Best Actor also in the aforementioned Festival, The Other Side of the Bed, Soccer Days, which earned him another Goya nomination, The Method or Clandestine Childhood, candidate for Argentina to this year’s Oscars.

He has also starred in such plays as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead, Oedipus Rex and Io, l’erede.

lola salvadorLOLA SALVADOR MALDONADO is a Spanish writer, screenwriter and producer born in Barcelona in 1938. She was awarded in 2011 the Medalla de Oro al Mérito en las Bellas Artes, for an over five decades long career.

In the 60’s she worked in movies, TV, radio, theatre and the media, and then she decided to specialize in screenplays and novels. She wrote the scripts for such radio shows as Con los ojos cerrados (1972-1973), Verso a verso (1974-1977), Cuentos de amor y magia and Diario de la luna (1984). For TV she has written some episodes for Serie rosa or Sesame Street, and she has adapted such classic plays as Cat on a hot tin roof, by Tennessee Williams or Espectros, by Henrik Ibsen.

She won a Goya to best adapted screenplay for Savages (2001), by Carlos Molinero. She has also written the screenplays The Cuenca Crime (1979), Bearn o La sala de las muñecas (1982), Las bicicletas son para el verano (1984) y Tierno verano de lujurias y azoteas (1993).

She has also worked as a producer in La torre de Suso (2007) and ¿Para qué sirve un oso? (2011), by Tom Fernández or Camino (2008), by Javier Fesser.

nawja nimriNAJWA NIMRI was born in Pamplona in 1972. Her mother is from Navarra and her father from Jordan. She studied ballet in John Beitia’s academy, acting in William Layton’s lab and singing in Coral de Lauro in Bilbao.

She broke into the movies thanks to Daniel Calparoso, director of Salto al vacío (1995), Pasajes (1996) and A Ciegas (1997). After them she starred in Open Your Eyes (1997), by Alejandro Amenábar, Lovers of the Arctic Circle (1998) and Sex and Lucia (2001), both by Médem, which earned her two nominations to the Goya, Stones (2002), by Ramón Salazar, which earned her the Best Actress Award at Toulouse Film Festival, Mataharis (2007), by Icíar Bollaín, Oviedo Express (2007) by Gonzalo Suárez or Verbo (2011), by Eduardo Chapero Jackson.

Her career in music has developed in parallel to her career in the movies. She worked with Carlos Jean in four albums: No Blood (1998), Till It Breaks (2008), and the soundtracks of Asfalto (2000) and Warriors (2002), which earned them the nomination to Best Original Song in the Goyas. She released solo the albums Carefully (2001), Mayday (2003), Walkabout (2006), El último primate (2010) and Donde rugen los volcanes (2012).


jose salcecdoJOSÉ "PEPE" SALCEDO was born in Ciudad Real in 1949. He has worked as a film editor since his teenage years. He learned the trade as assistant to two great masters of the job: Pablo del Amo and Pedro del Rey. At twenty-three he edited his first film and hasn’t stopped ever since. He has worked as an editor in over 120 films, has been nominated 14 times to the Goya and has won three times: All about my Mother (Pedro Almodóvar, 1999), Nobody will speak of us when we’re Dead (Agustín Díaz Yanes, 1995) and Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Pedro Almodóvar, 1988).

He started working with Pedro Almodóvar in 1980, editing Pepi, Luci, Bom and other Girls like Mom, and has worked on all his films ever since. Among the films he has worked on we can also find Maravillas (Manuel Gutiérrez-Aragón, 1981), Rowing with the Wind (Gonzalo Suárez, 1988), The Fencing Master (Pedro Olea, 1992), Between your Legs (Manuel Gómez Pereira, 1999), Fill Me with Life (Josetxo San Mateo, 2000), Don’t Tempt Me (Agustín Díaz Yanes, 2001), Vida y color (Santiago Tabernero, 2005), Captain Alatriste (Agustín Díaz Yanes, 2006) or Paper Birds (Emilio Aragón, 2010).