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Designed by Yvonne Blake

Yvonne 1Costume designer Yvonne Blake (Manchester, 1938) is twice a protagonist at 52 Gijon International Film Festival. She is not only awarded the Premio Mujer de Cine 2014 but also the star in a wonderful exhibition of some of her best creations for the movies.

20 original designs and over 50 sketches of the costume designer can be seen at Sala 1 in the Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto and in shop windows and shops in Gijon, thanks to the co-operation of the Unión de Comerciantes, Sastrería Cornejo and Peris Costumes Co.

Crown, dresses, coats, jackets, gowns or blazers worn by such actor as Harvey Keitel, Natalie Portman, Sadie Frost, Randy Quaid, Blanca Portillo or F. Murray Abraham will shine in the shop windows just like they did in such films as Goya’s Ghosts, Rowing with the Wind, The Bridge of San Luis Rey, Don Juan en los infiernos or Tirant lo blanc. People from Gijon will also be able to see more than fifty sketches showing the versatility of the costume designer, among the most renowned in today’s movies.

Yvonne Blake, winner of an Oscar (and nominated to another) or four Goyas, has also been nominated four time to the BAFTAs and has been awarded the Medalla de Oro al mérito en el trabajo or the Premio Nacional de Cinematografía 2012. She’s one of the best costume designers in Spanish and international cinema, as proved by her work with such directors as François Truffaut, Norman Jewison, Richard Lester, Paul Verhoeven, Gonzalo Suárez, Vicente Aranda or Milos Forman.

Among her best known films we also find Jesus Christ Superstar, The Three Musketeers, Superman, Judith, Fahrenheit 451, Robin and Marian or Carmen. That’s why having her, her costumes and sketches in Gijon so close to us, almost on the sidewalk, is a unique chance to get closer to the world of cinema.

Clicks Love Gijón

clicksThey are seven and a half centimetres tall, have a big noseless head and have managed to spur the imagination of children for more than thirty years. We are talking about the clicks, those little toys that have become collector items, movie stars and photography models. Considering how many possibilities they offer, it’s not rare to see that they have legions of followers, among them Mauro Solbes.

This man born in Alcoy whom some consider an artist and others a madman, takes pictures of these small smile generators pretending to be in original movie posters. They don’t gesticulate, but we can identify John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, Susan Sarandon in Thelma and Louise or Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange.

Clicks love the movies and we will see that in an exhibition of thirty posters set up by the Conceyu de Mocedá together with Gijon International Film Festival at the Espacio Astragal.

Dates: From Wednesday November 19 2014 to Friday November 28 2014 Opening hours 10:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:00