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cabecera ciclo 50 bis

The Magic World of Topo Gigio and Waltz with Bashir

Presentation of the film retrospective and screening of an excerpt of the movie which opened the Certamen Internacional de Cine-TV Infantil, The Magic World of Topo Gigio (Le avventure di Topo Gigio. Caldura and De Rio 1961). This movie was the film début of the famous puppet created by Maria Perego in 1959, which proved quite a hit in Italian, Spanish and Latin American TV. After this introduction, Waltz with Bashir (Folman, 2008) will be shown.... read more
Topo GigioVals con Bashir


Swedish Lukas Moodysson is one of the most beloved moviemakers for audiences of the Gijon Film Festival, and Together (Tillsammans) is one of the comedies that has made that same audience laugh the hardest. They were delighted with what happened to a hippy commune left to their vital promiscuity in Stockholm... read more

The Rescuers

Disney’s fourth animated set in the present long feature was the first big hit for the company since The Jungle Book’srelease in 1967. Its success was perhaps due to the mix of veteran old school animators with younger less experienced talents.... read more
Los Rescatadores


This long length feature by James Mangold (recipient of two awards at Gijon) is the story of Pete & Dolly, a restaurant on the side of a not too travelled road in New York. It is run by a domineering widow whose obese and introverted son, the chef, sees how his grey life and small world are turned upside down... read more

Love me if you dare

Just like modern movie tales that call upon the onlooker’s child-like fantasy, following in the wake of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s and Jaco Van Dormael’s charismatic romanticism, this naïve(and perverse) story shows us the relationship of a man and a woman linked since childhood... read more


The Traveller

After The Experience (1973), Kiarostami, a real master, directed this story about a complicated provincial boy, a devout football fan who is willing to do anything, with a friend’s help, in order to get enough money to go to Teheran to watch an important football game in which Iran’s national team play in the Aryamehr stadium.... read more
the traveller

The January Man

A rather eccentric ex-cop returns to his old job to help put an end to a series of crimes committed by a psychotic killer named “the January man”, who has killed eleven women... read more

The King and the Mockingbird

With texts by the great Jacques Prévert, loosely based on The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep by Hans Christian Andersen, this masterpiece of animation keeps its visual poetry and magic intact. Set in the wonderful (and allegoric) kingdom of Takicardia, it tells the story of a humble couple that count on the aid of a challenging little bird... read more
El rey y el ruiseñor

Made in Hong Kong

Shot with movie roll scraps which Fruit Chang picked up here and there and with money borrowed from family and friends, Made in Hong Kong is a weird thriller with a self-asserting title, in which two outcast teenagers hang out with triads in a gloomy atmosphere of uncertainty... read more
Made in Hong Kong

The Evenings

In 1983 Paul Verhoeven adapted the novel The Fourth Man(1981) by controversial writer Gerard Reve, amongst the first people in the Netherlands to publicly admit their homosexuality. More than five years later another Dutch director, Rudolf van den Berg, brought us The Evenings(1947), a generational portrait deemed to be impossible to adapt... read more
Las noches

My life as a dog

One of the big hits of Scandinavian cinema in the 80s, this drama has been nominated twice for the Oscars (director and adapted screenplay). It appears in 17th place in the list of 50 films which the British Film Institute considers everyone should watch by the age of 14... read more
mi vida como un perro

El angel de la guarda

By mixing his memories of Madrid in 1981 with the failed coup d’etat of the 23rd of February, and with the birth of the movidain the background, Madrid-born Santiago Matallana completed his first movie with bizarre flair. Personal experiences and the theatre of absurdity go hand in hand to create a chronicle of the Spanish Transición... read more

The Jungle Book

One of the best known classics of world animation, Disney’s adaptation of the immortal book by Rudyard Kipling is one of those films all audiences (children and adults alike) love. It is impossible not to love Mowgli, the young wild human, Bagheera, the ever vigilant panther... read more
El libro de la selva

Dirty Dancing

In the heat —never better said— of a music that in theory partakes of the quest for freedom, and with the aim of breaking boundaries from a socio-sexual point of view, the interclass summer love story between the proletarian dance teacher Johnny Castle and the idealist bourgeois Frances Houseman in early 60s America... read more
Dirty Dancing


Everything started on an old couch the day Juno McGuff, a16 year old girl, was bored and decided to deflower a friend on it rather than watching The Blair Witch Project on TV. Two months, several days and three litres of orange juice later... read more

Boys don't cry

The recreation of Brandon Teena’s real life case, that of a young Nebraska transsexual who was raped and murdered by his male friends in 1993 when they found out he was actually a woman.. read more
boys dont cry


This portrait of a family which spans over two decades (from the 60s to the 80s), is created with sense, sensibility and humour, against music by Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and David Bowie. A story in which a young man desperately fights against his homosexuality in order not to lose the great love his father... read more

Benny & Joon

After their parents’ accidental death, Benny takes over the care of his sister Joon, a delicate and fragile girl, who is also anti-social and subject to fits of violence and rage that hinder her relationships with her surroundings... read more
benny and joon


Shot in Siberia, Russia and Canada, Claude Massot evokes in Kabloonak(“foreigner”, in the inuit lenguage) Robert Flaherty’s famous 1920 documentary Nanook of the North. That is, he related how the latter lived for over one year with the former and his family in a soon-to-be extinct world... read more

Declaration of War

Praise for life, a declaration of war to death itself, an open hearted love story: a young couple in love fight without holding back against the very severe disease from which their son suffers since birth... read more
declaracion de guerra