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Mezzanine Films

Alejandro Díaz Castaño

During theso-called “classic era” of the history of films made within the United Statesterritories, the specificities of the systems of production of each of thestudios ended up being recognizable by the regular spectator at theperformance, thematic and technical levels. The same may be said, in a way, ofMezzanine Films, a Parisian production company which, over the last years,seems to have embarked on recovering the original values of films, bytransforming into images works in which, occasionally, the same persons areseen as playing various roles (and not only before the camera), conforming itsown star-system that becomes asmall family that doubtlessly feeds the synergy of a vigorous group. Inaddition to sharing part of the artistic team, proposals are characterized bytheir freshness and healthy eclectic approach, which nevertheless maintain thecommon nexus of a powerful author gaze alien to fashions and commercialinterests. It is therefore logical that its productions are starting to benoticeable on the international circuit of festivals, as is the case with theshort-length films included in the programme presented by this edition ofFICXixón, and also some of its initial feature films, since Les mains libres, by Brigitte Sy (LouisGarrel's mother and actress in Declaration of War (La guerre est déclarée) –See Official Section– and Vourdalak, piece included in thissession) was selected this same year for the Forum Section of the Berlinale,among other relevant competitions.

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    Au bord du monde

    The Edge of the World
    Running time: 25min.
    Cast: Marie-Bénédicte Cazeneuve (Cathy), Thibaut Corrion (Patrick), Laetitia Dosch (Marie), Cyril Texier (Joël), Julia Lanoë (Rebecca Warrior), David Grellier (Mitch Silver), Edwin Brinon (Max), Arnaud Firmin (Eddy), Loïc  Lacoua (Benjamin)
    49 edición - Llendes – Mezzanine Films
    Cécile Bicler, Hervé Coqueret
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    Petit Tailleur

    Little Tailor
    Running time: 44min.
    Cast: Léa Seydoux, Arthur Igual
    49 edición - Llendes – Mezzanine Films
    Louis Garrel
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    Running time: 30min.
    Cast: Brigitte Sy (France), Marie-Bénédicte Cazeneuve (Marie), Jean-Marc Thibault (Gérard)
    49 edición - Llendes – Mezzanine Films
    Frédérique Moreau
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