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Let's conquer stereotypes and banish false beliefs about generational lethargy and inertia. They are responsible, persevering, they know themselves, exercise creativity and self-criticism, they are masters of emotional control, capacity to choose and to calculate risks. This is not a detailed description of Marvel's superheroes, armed with supernatural powers, but of Enfants Terribles, Asturian students who, for a week, visit Gijon International Film Festival. More than 13,000 children practice these skills within the framework of the section with the same name and proving, for the last fifteen years, that they can think and filter. Moreover: they have to decide, since they are responsible for selecting the best two productions of the year.
FICXixón pampers youth so that students between the ages of 6 and 18 years may appreciate and enjoy films, and understand that they are a cultural and artistic manifestation. An arduous task of visual coaching to which the Festival's organizing team adds the intention of transforming it into an enjoyable practice of divergent thinking and collaborative work, with an open, respectful and critical attitude towards the diversity of artistic expressions. And this is done offering products of proven quality, always national premières in original versions, supported by their participation and recognition at other festivals, such as Berlin, Sundance, Dallas or Montreal. The screens of La Laboral and Jovellanos theatres shall reflect stories on current day issues such as gender violence, bullying, racial and social diversity, teenage pregnancy, the influence of drug over behaviour or the recovery of love for nature.
The offer of the Festival, however, goes beyond the usual ninety minutes of the show. Each year experiences and challenges are posed bearing in mind both students and teachers. The heroic and versatile youth has the option of explaining what they see through the camera of their mobile phone, practicing creativity in the specific workshops on each film, testing their level of English during the meetings with the directors or receiving advice from the professionals of the film sector. Teachers are provided digital teaching guides with the key aspects of the films and they also receive documentation and tips to help them understand that movies are a work and professional orientation tool as valid as the inner pages of the Sunday edition of the newspapers.
In brief, the proposal that FICXixón offers to the Asturian education community is a door open to the autonomy and personal initiative which are necessary to be able to imagine and undertake all kinds of individual or collective projects including, of course, audiovisual projects.

José Antonio Vega
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  • - 17filles.jpg

    17 Filles

    17 Girls
    Running time: 90 min
    Cast: Louise Grinberg (Camille), Juliette Darche (Julia), Roxanne Duran (Florence), Esther Garrel (Flavie), Yara Pilartz (Clémentine), Solène Rigot (Mathilde)
    49 edición - Enfants Terribles
    Delphine Coulin, Muriel Coulin
  • - apasdeloup.jpg

    A pas de loup

    On the Sly
    Bélgica, Francia
    Running time: 77 min
    Cast: Wynona Ringer (Cathy), Olivier Ringer (padre), Ourga (bestia), Carpot (pez)
    49 edición - Enfants Terribles
    Olivier Ringer
  • - copitodenieve.jpg

    Copito de Nieve

    Copito de Nieve
    Running time: 90min.
    Cast: Pere Ponce (Luc de Sac), Elsa Pataky (bruja del norte), Anna Gras (sirvienta), Félix Pons Ferrer (Daniel), Rosa Boladeras (Anna), Elsa Anka (profesora), Claudia Abate (Paula), Joan Sullà (Leo), Carlos Latre (Ailur, voz), Constantino Romero (Ron, voz)
    49 edición - Enfants Terribles Fuera de Competición
    Andrés G. Schaer
  • - sandman.jpg

    Das Sandmännchen, Abenteuer im Traumland / Le marchand de sable

    The Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams
    Running time: 83 min.
    49 edicion - Enfants Terribles
    Jesper Møller y Sinem Sakaoglu
  • - fivetimechampion.jpg

    Five Time Champion

    Estados Unidos
    Running time: 92 min
    Cast: Ryan Akin (Julius), Dana Wheeler-Nicholson (Danielle), Jon Gries (Melvin), Betty Buckley (Fran), Noell Coet (Shiley), Justin Arnold (Levi), Don Pirl (Alwyn), Robert Longstreet, Julie Erickson
    49 edición - Enfants Terribles
    Berndt Mader
  • - goforit.jpg

    Go For It!

    Estados Unidos
    Running time: 105 min
    Cast: Aimee Garcia (Carmen), Al Bandiero (Frank), Gina Rodríguez (Gina), Derrick Denicola (Jared)
    49 edición - Enfants Terribles
    Carmen Marron
  • - pablodiablo.jpg

    Horrid Henry: The Movie

    Horrid Henry: The Movie
    Reino Unido
    Running time: 93 min
    Cast: Theo Stevenson (Henry), Angelica Huston (Miss Battle-Axe), Richard E Grant (Vic van Rinkle), Parminder Nagra (Miss Lovely), Scarlett Stitt (Moody Margaret), Helena Barlow (Sour Susan), Ross Marron (Perfect Peter), Siobhan Hayes (madre), Mattheu Horne (padre), Rebecca Front (Miss Oddbod)
    49 edición - Enfants Terribles
    Nick Moore
  • - lapermission.jpg

    La permission de minuit

    The Moon Child
    Running time: 110 min
    Cast: Vincent Lindon (David), Emmanuelle Devos (Carlotta), Quentin Challal (Romain), Caroline Proust (Louise), Nathalie Boutefeu (Eva), Laurent Capelluto (Harold), Solène Rigot (Noémie), Maxime Renard (Guillaume), Alexandre Boucher (Jacob), Noémie Dujardin (Lucie), Dominique Baeyens (Angéle)
    49 edición - Enfants Terribles
    Delphine Gleize
  • - nicostratos.jpg

    Nicostratos le pélican

    A Greek Summer
    Francia, Bélgica, Grecia
    Running time: 95 min
    Cast: Thibault Le Guellec (Yannis), Emir Kusturica (Demosthene), Francois-Xavier Demaison (Aristote), Jade Rose Parker (Angeliki), Gennadios Patsis (Popa Kosmas), Valériane De Villeneuve (Madame Karoussos)
    49 edición - Enfants Terribles
    Olivier Horlait
  • - noetmoi.jpg

    No et moi

    No and me
    Running time: 105 min
    Cast: Nina Rodriguez (Lou), Julie-Marie Parmentier (No), Antonin Chalon (Lucas), Zabou Breitman (madre), Bernard Campan (padre)
    49 edición - Enfants Terribles
    Zabou Breitman
Displaying 10 1 - 10 of 14 in total