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- Three films from the Official Section and three from the Rellumes International Competition will also be shown in Enfants Terribles

- Thirteen films in competition and three out of competition make up a unique space for new cinephilia

- At least nine directors and actors of the selected films will be present at FICX to present their works to the audience of Gijón

- More than 15,000 spectators set a historic record for this section in 2018
The link between the Gijón International Film Festival and the younger audiences of the Seventh Art is a fact since its very genesis as a competition dedicated to childhood and youth, back in 1963, by the hand of Isaac del Rivero. In order to continue fulfilling this link with its founder, the Enfants Terribles section was born, which celebrates its twenty-second edition in 2019, after bringing more than 15,000 spectators to the screening rooms last year.

Enfants Terribles is not only an opportunity for young students in Asturias to make their first contact with cinema. In the last edition, schools from Galicia, Cantabria or Castilla-León approached the FICX halls both to see the films screened there and to make use of the didactic guides that the Festival publishes as a means of developing its school programme. Immigration, equality or sexual education are just some of the points that the selection of Enfants Terribles provided as possible teaching opportunities.

This 2019 edition will present several films that have been premiered at festivals around the world, being here in Gijón where they will have their national premiere. Among these prestigious international competitions are Sundance, Annecy, Berlin, Buenos Aires (BAFICI), Cannes, Locarno, or Toronto, where they have won various awards and recognitions. The selection includes animation works, both those aimed at the youngest and those that approach this narrative style with a greater degree of maturity, works attached to reality in which various problems are expressed and current issues of interest to the adolescent audience, fictions that show the challenges of contemporary society in Europe today, and also products of difficult classification, specially selected for the most restless new viewers, for those seeking narrative alternatives to the dominant audiovisual model.

The Poster

The Enfants Terribles poster has once again been created by César Sánchez. About this work, Sánchez comments: "It was one of the ideas that we originally handled as the official poster for the 57th Edition, but after giving it a few twists and turns, we thought that its great colour richness fitted in better with the philosophy of Enfants Terribles. Also its formal closeness to a dartboard, which referred, in a certain sense, to a children's game. The final touch was the hand of the child who draws a graffiti, this comes to represent the irreverent spirit of that section and links it to last year's poster, where also a child's hand appeared pricking a balloon. We like to put in images that breath of rebellion."

The Selection

One of the motivations of the Festival's current directing and programming team is to turn its sections into transversal spaces, where the different film proposals can be accommodated. In this sense, three of the films that will be part of the Official Section of #57FICX will also be present in Enfants Terribles, these are the following:

  • Les Perseides, by Annia Gabarró and Alberto Dexeus (Spain). Presented in the project phase at 2018 FICX Industry Days, it had its world premiere at the Buenos Aires Film Festival (BAFICI). It tells the story of Mar, a teenager who will find out the hidden history of the village where she gets to spend her holidays, the same summer when she also has to face the divorce of her parents. It can also be seen in the Official Section of #57FICX. Spanish premiere.

  • Marona’s Fantastic Tale, by Anca Damian (France/Romania/Belgium). After an accident, a little dog remembers the people who have gone through her life and to whom she has given her unconditional love. Anca Damian returns to Gijón/Xixón with one of the most dazzling and moving animated works of the year, which will also be shown in the Official Section of #57FICX. Spanish premiere.

  • System Crasher, by Nora Fingscheidt (Germany). Awarded by the Jury of the Berlin Film Festival 2019, this film tells the story of Benni, a nine-year-old girl who passes through several foster homes in search of a love that no one seems to be able to give her. A German candidate for the Oscars, she will also be part of the Official Section of #57FICX.

Three of the Rellumes International Competition films will also be part of the selection of Enfants Terribles:

  • Daniel fait face, by Marine Atlan (France). One of the most outstanding films in the Berlinale's Generation KPlus Section brings us closer to the life of Daniel, a ten-year-old boy who, for the first time, has to face the arrival of romantic feelings towards Marthe, a schoolmate. It can also be seen in the International Competition Rellumes. Spanish premiere.

  • Port Authority, by Danielle Lessovitz (United States/France). Paul, a 20-year-old newcomer to New York, will have to deal with an uncertain future and some surprises he is not prepared to face when he begins a relationship with Wye, a New York underground artist. Debut feature of its director, Danielle Lessovitz, who experienced her world premiere in the Un Certain Regard Section of the Cannes Film Festival. Also present in the Rellumes International Competition. Spanish premiere in collaboration with Xega.

  • Sole, by Carlo Sironi (Italy). After its world premiere in the Orizzonti Section of the Venice Film Festival, Enfants Terribles and Competición Internacional Rellumes share the Spanish premiere of this film, both tough and sensitive, which presents the consequences of an issue in the limelight: surrogacy. Spanish premiere in collaboration with the Ateneo Obrero de Gijón.

Finally, our Esbilla section, dedicated the best films seen in other festivals as well as different special premieres, will also feature two films shared with Enfants Terribles from #57FICX:

  • Goldie, by Sam de Jong (United States). Music and dance are the tools that Goldie, a precocious teenager, uses as rebellious gestures and as an escape from an overwhelming environment. Nominated for Best Film in the Generation 14Plus Section of the Berlin Festival and the Tribeca Festival. Spanish premiere.

  • Ham on Rye, by Tyler Taormina (United States). Rites of passage from adolescence to adulthood take place in a delicatessen store in a residential neighborhood in the United States. The spirit of John Hughes and Richard Linklater's films is invoked by debutant Taormina in this instant cult work. Presented at the Locarno Festival, it shares space in the sections of Enfants Terribles and Esbilla. Spanish premiere.

The rest of the section is made up of the films that are only part of Enfants Terribles. They are as follows:

  • Las edades sensibles a la luz, by Pedro Sara and Violeta Pagán Navarro (Spain). A group of teenagers and young people studying cinema decide to make a film, and as if it were a negative, the essential aspects of their lives are revealed as they are exposed to the light of each shot. What they love and lose. From the first sequence, reality imposes itself on the script they write, weaving a plot in which documentary and fiction are diluted, showing the process of creation and filming, drawing a revealing and profound portrait of young people marked by migrations, gender violence, the search for sexuality, the family or art. World premiere in collaboration with Abierto hasta el amanecer.

  • Une colonie, by Geneviève Dulude-De Celles (Canada). Best Film of the Berlinale 2019 Generation KPLus Section, Best First Film, Best Actress and Best Film at the Canadian Screen Awards 2019, Audience Award and Grand Jury Prize at the Quebec Film Festival 2018. Mylia, a 12-year-old girl, is about to leave her life in the countryside to begin high school. For this difficult step, she will count on the help of Jimmy, a young indigenous man who will help her in this circumstance. Out of Competition.

  • 100 kilos d'étoiles, by Marie-Sophie Chambon (France). Loïs' dream is to become an astronaut, but her weight problems seem to take away that aspiration. The help of her friends Amélie, Stannah and Justine will give back to Loïs her idea of travelling through the stars. Spanish premiere.

  • Les mandibules du bout du monde, by Hélène Giraud and Thomas Szabo (France/China). After winning the César of the French Academy for Cinematography, Giraud and Szabo return to the adventures of these adorable insects in an adventure that will take them far from home. Humor and ecology for the youngest of the house, it was shown at Seattle Festival. Spanish premiere.

  • Canciones para peques y animalitos, by Linda Hambäck and Marika Heidebäck (Sweden). All children from the age of two will have a unique opportunity to enjoy cinema and music with this special screening out of competition. Adaptation to the big screen of the stories of Lena Sjöbergs with the singer Elena Tarrets, live, to illustrate them musically.

  • Lois & Luca: Mission to the Moon, by Rasmus A. Sivertsen (Norway). The magic of stop motion animation will also have its place in this edition of FICX. The lunar race reinterpreted by the little animals Reodor, Luca and Louis and with fun guaranteed as a space vehicle for the enjoyment of all audiences, adults and children. Out of Competition.

  • Abe, by Fernando Grostein Andrade (United States/Brazil). Premiered worldwide at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, Abe tells us the story of a 12-year-old boy who, in today's Brooklyn, tries to mediate between the two parts of his family, the Israeli and the Palestinian, something far from simple... Spanish premiere.

  • Racetime, by Benoît Godbout, Jean-François Pouliot and François Brisson (Canada). A village taken by the snow is the best place for a good sled race. That, at least, is what Frankie Cuatro Ojos and his team think until Zac and his cousin Charlie arrive to compete in the race: a real challenge is about to begin. Spanish premiere.

Encounters with the artists

The Enfants Terribles venues will once again host Encounters with artists, in which not only questions about cinema are exchanged, but also about the central themes of the films. The aim is to encourage an exchange of impressions that promotes a critical sense among young viewers. So far, meetings have already been confirmed with the following directors and protagonists: Alberto Dexeus and Nora Sala-Patau (Les Perseides), Laura Duchene (100 kilos d'étoiles), Anca Damian (L'extraordinaire voyage de Marona), Carlo Sironi (Sole), Danielle Lessovitz (Port Authority), Pedro Sara and Violeta Pagán (Las edades sensibles a la luz) and Marine Atlan (Daniel fait face). We will also have the singer Elena Tarrets to accompany the little ones in the screening of Canciones para peques y animalitos.

The didactic guide

One of the classics of Enfants Terribles is the didactic guide that the FICX makes available to the participating centres, which gives more information on each of the films in the section. This guide serves as a support tool to prepare the visit to the festival in class, as well as offering guidelines and didactic activities to work on after its viewing. These guides, edited by the writer and critic Jesús Palacios, will be available in digital format on the festival website. They are also sent to schools and institutes by e-mail and have the support of the Department of Education of the City Council of Gijón/Xixón. The aim is for participants in Enfants Terribles to learn how to read cinema and to become familiar with a small approach to audiovisual language, in addition to promoting the seventh art as a pedagogical tool.

Film professions

This year, once again, as part of the audiovisual literacy offer, students participating in Enfants Terribles will have the opportunity to discover, with the help of various members of the film industry, a plurality of professional profiles that form part of any film production. These professions are generally less well known to younger audiences and have had, in previous editions, presences such as the Argentinean director and producer Lisandro Alonso, the Asturian director Samu Fuentes or the prop master Fito Llorente, among others. This activity is made thanks to the initiative and collaboration of the Youth Department of the FMCEYUP and the Conseyu de la Mocedá de Xixón.

Workshop: The fantasy of Stop Motion in your tablet

We intend that, with the workshop, the participants will have a first contact with the creative process of the cinematographic world, with the aim of giving them sufficient tools to give free rein to their imagination by constructing a staging, that is to say, that they direct, act and film!
The workshop will be given in a didactic way introducing the stop motion technique, an animation technique that consists in showing the movement of static objects by means of a series of successive fixed images, with explanatory brushstrokes and always accompanied by videos or images that visually support these explanations.
We will count on Oscar Rodriguez, a professional of wide experience, to transmit all his knowledge in this wonderful field. Oscar has created puppets for videoclips, short films and feature films, as well as different exhibitions for artistic shows. The best way for young people to have a first contact with a fascinating universe.
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