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Andra Guti: “Alice T. has allowed me to believe in myself”


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Alice T. continues the dissection of daily life that has already given Radu Muntean the Best Feature Film award at FICX48 for the outstanding film Tuesday, After Christmas.
On this occasion, the subject of his observation is a rebellious and pregnant teenager played by Andra Guti. The actress was chosen in a casting of more than 800 girls, and led her to win the Best Actress award at Locarno Film Festival. In her words, at the beginning of the casting process “I did’t even know the author.” Then, not initially finding “anything that attracted me” in Alice, she had to look for aspects of the character such as “aggressiveness or lies”, she explained to the media at FICX.

Following his precepts, Muntean asked her not to judge the character, although “she knew what she wanted” and therefore “she tried to understand it.” From there she began to understand that Alice, an adopted girl, has therefore a “changeable” personality, since as a child she had to be “selling herself” and “while growing up she had to be what others wanted.” An unstable factor that she also believes is “a part of the adolescent identity”, although not so extreme. It took her months to get rid of that girl who always tries to get attention, with her hair dyed red, and who “is sometimes brave and sometimes does not know what to do.”

The 19-year-old actress only assumes “what is on the screen, not what comes after that.” For this reason, this Romanian girl —born circumstantially in Valladolid— does not have any acting projects beyond “going to London to study interpretation and continue attending to castings.” And she assures that the only change after Alice T's success has been "believing in myself and seeing that I can do it well".
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