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FICX56 music line-up includes fourteen bands, artists and DJ’s


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FICX56 music line-up includes fourteen bands, artists and DJ’s
▪ The Electric Alley and The Nap will kick off FICX concerts. The line-up includes international artists such as Carmen Costa (Mexico), Rainbreakers (UK) and Julie Rhodes (USA).
▪ Musical performances will take place at Sala Memphis with free access subject to available capacity.
Fourteen bands, artists and DJs will lead FICX56 musical nights. Spanish bands The Electric Alley and The Nap will open the programme which also includes international artists such as Carmen Costa (Mexico), Mike Sánchez and Rainbreakers (UK) and Julie Rhodes (USA), and national names such as Fernández, Red Bombo, Juan Zelada and Atomic Zeros.
This year, the main new addition to FICX’s music scene is Bingo Roke, a musical show mixing bingo and karaoke, hosted by Angelines Calas and Ferraya, accompanied by Doppler and DJ Luigi.
The closing party will include the underground initiative Bárbaro Chico Club. All concerts and parties will be held at Sala Memphis, starting at midnight. Admission is free until full capacity is reached.

Nov 16
The Electric Alley , from Cádiz, started their career in 2012 and the haven’t stopped since then. They have even taken part in films, by creating the soundtrack of the animated short ‘A Lonely Sun Story’, nominated for the Goya awards in 2015, starring María Valverde and Mario Casas.
Pop-rock band The Nap, from Gijón, currently consists of five experienced musicians from the Asturian scene: Andrés López (singer and guitar), Kike Planelles (guitar and backing vocals), Rafa Kas (guitar and backing vocals), Antón Ceballos (bass) and Guillermo C. González (drums).

Nov 17
A crazy and funny show, mixing bingo and karaoke, hosted by Angelines Calas and her partner Ferraya. It will also feature the performance of Doppler, a band founded at the end of 2008 with British echoes. The night will be completed with a DJ session by DJ Luigi.

Nov 18
Rock trio composed by Sofía Fernández, voice and drums; Mike Disguise, electric guitar and Javi Otero, electric bass. Fusion of alternative rock, hard pop and hypnotic grunge with a voice that, at times, whispers blues notes.

Nov 19
Quartet from the Mexican indie scene. Created in 2006, with Manu Charritón as its frontman. In their sound, elements of punk and rock can be rescued in diverse modalities, besides marked electronic sounds. Their lyrics are brutally honest, without frills.

Nov 20
Red Rombo is the new musical adventure of Gerard Lere Mases, bass player of Muchachito and Dry Martina, among other groups. The band explores old rock and, little by little, it has taken its own space in the music scene.

Nov 21
Jesús Miguel Mike Sánchez —pianist, composer and singer of rhythm and blues— is known for his work with Big Town Playboys and Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings, as well as for his solo career.

The Rainbreakers quartet, originally from England, blends blues, rock, pop and soul into their cocktail shaker to obtain a fresh combination splashed with retro, psychedelic sounds with a garage point.

Nov 22
Juan Zelada is a singer, composer and musician from Madrid. He studied at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Artists, a school founded by Paul McCartney, from which he received recognition for the best composition of his class. Risky sounds with a soul base.

La Tacher is a power female trio with Mar Álvarez playing the guitar, Amelia Duarte on bass and Ike Wahl on drums. Their style moves between garage and punk, skimming krautrock and surfing.

Nov 23
The powerful and prodigious voice of Julie Rhodes comes directly from Massachusett (USA). She has already been compared with figures like Janis Joplin and Etta James. R&B songs full of rhythm, and careful lyrics and tones.

Atomic Zeros is a punk, rock and garage band from Asturias, made up by musicians with a great professional background who are starting to make their own mark in the regional music scene.

Nov 24
Bárbaro Chico Club is an underground initiative “for the alternative, fun and retro dance”, which has been running for more than five years on a regular basis at the TNT Rock Bar in Cimavilla. DJs from all over Spain, and even international ones, squeeze into their booth to play retro style and wide spectrum vinyl.

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